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UK Bathroom Brands

UK Bathroom Brands

UK Bathroom Brands are promoting a positive movement in the bathroom industry, concentrating on elite UK brands at the forefront of style and elite craftsmanship so customers get the best products at the best prices. Nothing beats the premium quality of home grown British brands and UK Bathroom Brands knows the importance of bathroom products that stand the test of time.

Promoting only the best products and brands, Bathroom City is proud to support UK Bathroom Brands in getting customers in store to experience the elite craftsmanship and unique contemporary and traditional designs each brand has to offer.

Visiting a bathroom showroom is the best way to get the exact design, look, feel and functionality that you desire. On perusing a wealth of magazines, brochures and websites, we often walk into a bathroom showroom with a head full of different ideas, never really knowing precisely the look we want until an expert begins asking questions and suggesting products that match our expectations.

At the forefront of this revolution, UK Bathroom Brands and Bathroom City are offering the personal experience you get in our showrooms as well as huge discounts on UK Bathroom Brands such as Burlington, Crosswater, Britton, Aqua Cabinets, Cleargreen, Clearwater, Zamori, Simpsons and Bauhaus.

Bathroom City offers two showrooms in Birmingham that delivers a huge range of the UK’s leading brands, British made products and full suites that provide a style solution for any setting.

UK Bathroom Brands and Bathroom City are offering fantastic deals on selected brands when you visit either of our Birmingham showrooms, giving our customers an exclusive showroom experience, customer care and stunning products at stunning prices.

Arcade Bathroom Collection by Bathroom City

Arcade Bathrooms - At Bathroom City

The Arcade Collection from UK Bathroom Brands is finally here! After much anticipation the Arcade Cameo range, Piccadilly freestanding shower temple, Albany freestanding natural stone bath and Albermarle freestanding bath with nickel finish and a wealth of accompanying features from the new Arcade collection are now available at Bathroom City.

Bathroom City is home to the best brands, only stocking products that we believe in, that’s why we attended the Arcade launch event to see the premium quality of the products ourselves and we must say, we were impressed.

Throughout the entire collection, Arcade’s unique take on classic styling is a breath of fresh air, showing us something new in each of its prestigious ranges. Vintage bathroom artistry has always been a dominant trend in bathroom design and the Arcade collection does a fantastic job of adding a glimpse of contemporary chic throughout the designs.

The Arcade Collection is a fresh take on a traditional look, blurring the lines between classic and contemporary, delivering 19th century Belle Époque styling in each of its luxury ranges, with many freestanding baths catching the eyes of the international press and guests at the launch event.

Bathroom City is renowned for supplying our customers with the best bathroom products on the market, constantly sourcing new brands from around the world to offer a complete selection of premium bathroom products.

We don’t just contact a Chinese importer based on images we’ve been sent, slap some branding on them and ship them out to customers unaware of the quality like some bathroom retailers. We get to grips with all of our products, forming close relationships with each of our brands so we can provide the best deals on the best products; making us an exclusive Arcade dealer.

The Arcade Collection is another brand that we’ve taken the time to research, work alongside and experience first hand so we can guarantee our customers the same premium quality on display throughout our website and two Birmingham showrooms.

To view the Arcade Collection and all its ranges, please visit our dedicated brand page for more information and the option to make an order.

Why Choose a Traditional Bathroom Suite?

The bathroom is a very unique room in the modern home, transforming massively over the years from a room used purely for its function to a relaxing retreat that family members use to get away from the hustle and bustle of contemporary life. Playing a new role in the dynamics of the modern household, your bathroom’s style, functionality and quality has become increasingly more important, so developing a bathroom from scratch or redesigning your bathroom involves much more then just throwing together whatever fits, works and looks OK.

When deciding on the style of your suite, there are plenty of trends to choose from each with their own advantages. Contemporary suites look to deliver a sleek appeal with state of the art technology, while classically styled suites deliver a tried and trusted elegance that will never sit out of place in any home, making them a fantastic investment. There are more to traditional bathroom suites then their unique look, they provide a safe and functional alternative that echo long into the future.

The Definition of Timeless Style

Timeless style is not just associated with bathrooms, it’s very much a part of all contemporary trends, whether it’s home décor or fashion, timeless styling is an investment that long surpasses any new fad or flash in the pan. It’s not just a case of nostalgia or adding a retro feel to your suite, it’s the age old fact, if it’s not broken don’t fix it.

With Victorian and Edwardian style suites dominating the market, UK Bathroom Brands play a major role in supplying classic bathroom suites, with a huge range of brands offering British made furniture, sanitaryware and brassware.

By sticking with classic artistry, there is never any risk of your bathroom losing its timeless appeal, traditional trends maintain their grandeur and by choosing the Arcade collection you can guarantee your investment will stand the test of time with an ultra high quality construction.

Choosing the overall style of your bathroom suite can be difficult, especially when faced with a number of sleek bathroom suites that look to push the boundaries of modern vogue. More often then not, you have to ask yourself, will this be appealing in 5 or 10 years? Those who invested money into the dull goblin green bathroom suites of the 80’s obviously didn’t ask themselves this question.

The Functionality of the Traditional Suite

Classic pull chains, cross head handles and plug and chain wastes make up the basics of the traditional bathroom suite, all of which we all know how to use. There is nothing more embarrassing then visiting a bathroom and not knowing how to flush the toilet or standing in the shower and blasting yourself with ice cold water, unable to work out how to get warm water for your showering pleasure.

Sometimes when you visit a modern bathroom, things can get a little complicated, exchanging tried and trusted mechanisms for state of the art designs that not everybody can get their head round. The traditional suite may not be space-age in its design but it offers a functionality that anyone can push, pull or twist in order to reach the desired effect.

The Arcade Collection: A Glimpse into the Future of Period Style

With the bathroom market being so vast, it can be hard to discover what a particular brand does best, with plenty of top brands looking to branch out into different styles. If timeless chic is the look you require for your bathroom then a brand new brand is coming soon that is set to take traditional grandeur to brand new heights.

The Arcade collection is the latest premium UK bathroom brand to hit Bathroom City and will be available very soon from our Birmingham stores. Arcade’s combination of stunning Belle Époque period styling and elite craftsmanship make it a must have in any setting, offering designs guaranteed to stand the test of time.

With so much on offer, choosing a vintage bathroom suite over a modern design can be a wise move for several reasons. Traditional suites have survived centuries and will continue to echo well into the future, you only have to look at the latest innovations in the Arcade collection to see a style and sophistication that will never lose its value.