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Bathroom Vanity Units

Bathroom Vanity Units, also referred to as Sink Vanity Units are essential for creating a stylish modern bathroom. They provide sufficient space to get organised and ready for a busy day ahead. Vanity Unit is a piece of Bathroom Furniture that consists of a washbasin on top and storage cupboards beneath it. It's an essential piece of furniture that serves the dual purpose of Sink & Storage. All of our Vanity Unit products are proudly manufactured in the UK and benefit from sharp attention to detail and fine craftsmanship. We use premium quality material and offer competitive guarantees on most of our sink vanity sets.

Range Of Styles

Over the years, the humble Bathroom Sink Unit has been transformed for modern living, resulting in what we now call a Vanity Unit, available in a range of styles, sizes, perfectly-crafted in different finishes, and available for different sized bathrooms. We also offer Vanity Units in a range of colors, and made from different materials - providing a comfortable Bathroom experience, no matter what your Bathroom's size. This includes 500mm and 600 mm small vanity units, Wall-Hung Vanity Units, Floor standing Vanity Units, Double-Sink Units, Corner Vanity Units, and more.

Ample Vanity Storage

Offering ample bathroom storage space with a touch of elegance, Vanity Units are a sleek piece of furniture that can transform even the smallest of bathroom spaces. Gone are the days of having to deal with clutter in the Bathroom, a Space-saving Vanity Unit will help you tuck away a lot of the extras, create a sense of orderliness & harmony.


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