Bathroom Suites Buying Guide

Bathroom Suites
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A bathroom suite is a specially chosen package of bathroom fixtures that share identical design cues to create a synchronised look. 

The matching fixtures in one consolidated package typically include a washbasin, toilet pan, and cistern. These are the fixtures in a basic bathroom suite. 

Additional fixtures of an elaborate bathroom suite include a vanity unit or fitted furniture for the washbasin and a bathtub, shower/bath combo unit, or shower enclosure.

Choosing the right bathroom suite will enable you to accomplish a uniform style and make a unique style statement. Hence, it’s important that you carefully consider the fixtures that will work the best in your space.

We are confident you’ll find this bathroom suites buying guide useful in your pursuit of the perfect accessories bundle for your space.

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Types of Bathroom Suites

Depending on the specific fixtures you intend to include in your bathroom, there are mainly five different types of bathroom suites.

1. Bath Suites

The fixtures included in a basic bath suite are a standalone bath, sink, and toilet. Mid-tier models include a vanity unit or fitted furniture. 

Premium bath suites offer optional fixtures such as a whirlpool system, bathroom mirror with lights, and bath panels. A bath with a whirlpool system can provide you an extravagant spa-like experience right at your home.

Even without a whirlpool system, the standalone bath assures you of a luxurious and relaxing bathing experience. Since the dimensions of the bathtub are slightly large, bath suites are ideal for large bathrooms. 

Depending on the model you choose, you may also get optional extras such as a bath tap, bath waste, and bath shower screen.

Elite Bath Suite Complete

2. Shower Bath Suites

The fixtures included in a basic shower bath suite are a sink with a pedestal, a toilet with a dual flush cistern, and a shower/bath combo unit with a bath screen. Mid-tier models include a vanity unit or fitted furniture. 

Premium shower bath suites offer optional features such as a shower riser kit and left-hand/right-hand shower bath and basin options. Some premium models also come with a wall mirror cabinet and tallboy.

The shower/bath combo unit combines the versatility and convenience of a bath and shower in one bathroom fixture. Due to its dual functionality, this combo unit is also a great space-saving option for smaller bathrooms.

Ashford 600mm Pearl Grey Shower Bath Suite

3. Shower Suites

The fixtures included in a basic shower suite model are a sink with a pedestal, a toilet with a dual flush cistern, and a shower enclosure with optional elements such as a thermostatic shower pack, shower tray, and raised shower tray kit. 

Mid-tier models include a vanity unit or fitted furniture with an optional deluxe shower kit. 

Premium shower suites offer optional features, such as a gold or chrome basin tap, a gold or chrome shower riser kit, and an oval mirror with a gold frame. Some premium models also come with a double vanity unit with two sinks.

The top feature of shower suites is their modern and minimalist look. You also get to choose from a variety of shower enclosures and styles.

Alani Gold Shower Suite

4. Basin and Toilet Suites

The fixtures included in a basic basin and toilet suite are a sink with a half or full pedestal and a toilet with a dual flush cistern.

Optional features include a basin tap and round bottle trap.

Premium basin and toilet suites come with a vanity unit, tallboy, and mirror cabinet.

A basin and toilet suite comprises just the essential components of a bathroom. However, the major advantage of this suite is that you can combine these fixtures with other elements to create a complete bathroom suite.

Summit 4 Piece Basin and Toilet Suites

5. Cloakroom Suites

The fixtures included in a basic cloakroom suite are a sink with semi pedestal and a toilet with a dual flush cistern. Optional features include a basin tap and bottle trap. 

Mid-tier models include a vanity unit or fitted furniture. Premium cloakroom suites come with a mirror cabinet and wall storage.

Since a cloakroom suite is intended for a smaller toilet space, this compact and space-saving option is perfect for a small bathroom, giving it a smart, clean look. 

Depending on space, you can opt for a single all-in-one unit comprising the sink, toilet, and storage space altogether or two separate units comprising the sink and toilet. 

Alani 600mm Cloakroom Suite

Bathroom Suites Styles

Broadly, there are two styles of bathroom suites you can choose from based on your preferences.

1. Traditional Bathroom Suites

A traditional bathroom suite offers natural grandeur and sophistication, capturing the vintage details of a bygone era.

The timeless elegance and classic charm of these suites have been the go-to choice of many homeowners for generations. If you are looking to create a period bathroom or a vintage aesthetic, then a traditional bathroom suite is the perfect choice.

A washbasin with a flowing pedestal, a toilet with a high-level cistern, and a clawfoot tub are the essential fixtures of this classic suite. You can count on this reliable and cost-effective suite to transform your bathroom into a pleasant sanctuary.

Royal Shakespeare Traditional Bathroom Suite

2. Modern Bathroom Suites

The main feature of modern bathroom suites is that their minimalist designs and clean lines can modernise your home instantaneously.

These meticulously designed suites will work brilliantly in most bathroom layouts and sizes.

The sleek and stylish modern bathroom suites can look sterile or unappealing, as the focus is on minimalism, efficiency, comfort, and design. But the right choice of colour, style, and finish can add warmth and character to your space.

The collection of suites for small bathrooms is truly vast, allowing you to transform even the tiniest of spaces into something really spectacular. And with so many eye-catching options available, finding the perfect suite for your space should be easy.

Sonix Shower Suite

Things to Consider When Choosing Bathroom Suites

1. Functionality

Functionality is a key feature. Since the bathroom is the place where you begin and end your day, your space must be highly functional. 

To accomplish this, the bathroom fixtures you choose must be user-friendly, low maintenance, and reliable. So, as far as possible, opt for durable install-and-forget fixtures that will cause minimal annoyance, frustration, and stress. 

Ensure that the bathroom suite you purchase will meet the needs of your household members, especially their preference for a bathtub, shower enclosure, or shower/bath combo. 

Also, carefully consider the need for storage space for toiletries, towels, and other bathroom essentials. Storage space is something that a bathroom can never have too much of.  

A well-designed bathroom will score high in harmony and organisation. Your bathroom can be highly functional only when there is no space constraint. For example, you must be able to open the bathroom door fully without the basin or vanity unit obstructing the door swing. 

Therefore, it’s important to avoid oversized fixtures – even when they can be accommodated in your bathroom – as they can result in a serious space crunch. Remember, undersized fixtures are not the solution either, as they aren’t convenient and comfortable.

So, it’s best to write down the correct dimensions of your space and avoid buying oversized or undersized fixtures.

2. Style

The right style suite – traditional or modern – can enhance the aesthetics and appeal of your bathroom. By choosing the fixtures that show off your personal style, it’s easier to create a cohesive look.

Bathroom design is exceptionally diverse, ranging from bold aesthetics to space-maximising elegance. Define your style after considering the overall style of your home/bathroom. Narrow down your choice by clarifying your style preferences.

Look at the existing design elements and determine the ambience you wish to create. While a traditional bathroom suite is perfect for making a bold design statement, a modern bathroom suite is more suited for making a statement of contemporary minimalism.

Settle for a design that reflects your personal taste. Regardless of the style you choose, ensure the fixtures in the suite coordinate well with other fixtures and result in a visually appealing and cohesive appearance.

3. Budget

Your budget needs serious consideration. Make sure your budget for a bathroom suite can meet all your needs.

No-frills bathroom suites with just a basin and toilet will cost between £167.00 and £411.00. 

Mid-range bathroom suites with additional fixtures, such as a vanity unit or fitted furniture and bathtub, shower/bath combo unit, or shower enclosure, will cost between £649.00 and £1,047.00. But bathroom suites without a vanity unit or fitted furniture in this range are available at a much lower price.

Premium bathroom suites with fixtures such as a wall mirror cabinet, tallboy, gold or chrome basin tap, gold or chrome shower riser kit, oval mirror with gold frame, or double vanity unit with two sinks will cost between £1,223.00 and £2,000.00.

Shop Complete Bathroom Suites

With so many different shapes and dimensions on offer, it’s important that you find the right bathroom suite that provides maximum comfort in your space. The sheer variety also means it’s easy to find the perfect suite that will complement your bathroom. 

We are confident that you will find the right fit at Bathroom City regardless of your colour, dimensions, or storage preferences.

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