Toilets Buying Guide

Toilets Buying Guide
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Most bathrooms have a toilet. However, whether you are revamping your bathroom or designing a new one, the toilet is perhaps the last item on your shopping list. The shower unit, the bathtub, and the vanity unit take precedence.

The enormous choice you have today when it comes to design and style makes it a real challenge to choose the right toilet for your space. This comprehensive guide in Q&A format explains to you all the available options. We trust you will find it easier to find the perfect Royal Seat for your bathroom.

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  1. What Are The Different Types Of Toilets Available in the UK?
  2. What Are The Different Styles Of Toilets Available in the UK?
  3. Toilet Accessories
  4. How Should You Install a Toilet?
  5. Our Top Recommendations

What Are the Different Types of Toilets Available in the UK?

Close-Coupled Toilets

In a close-coupled toilet, the cistern is located at the back of the toilet bowl and flushes through straight to the pan. This type of toilet is the most preferred one as it gives a contemporary fresh look to the bathroom. In the past, cisterns were hung above the level of the toilet pan on the wall to exploit gravity for creating a strong flush. This is not the case any longer.   With the sophisticated technology, the fitting enclosed in the cistern does all the required work. A close-coupled toilet with a matching basin and pedestal makes the maximum aesthetic impact in your bathroom. 

Whtie Close Coupled Toilet and Bathroom Sink


Back-to-Wall Toilets

The name is self-explanatory. In this type of toilet, your back is to the bathroom wall, not against the cistern. The cistern – usually sold as a separate unit – is typically situated within the wall, concealing the plumbing lines. Another popular option in back-to-wall toilets is to use a portion of back-to-wall furniture to hide the cistern from view.

In this setup, a push-button is fitted for flushing. This toilet is a neat solution for maximising space in a small bathroom. These toilets come in an assortment of sets with matching basins and pedestals to complete a flawless, modern look.


White Back To Wall Toilets


Wall-Hung Toilets

If you want to achieve a modern designer look in your bathroom, a wall-hung toilet is the finest choice. The toilet bowl is hung on the bathroom wall with an easy-to-access flush panel. As in a back-to-wall toilet, the cistern and plumbing lines are concealed in a wall.

This toilet not only makes inventive use of space but also makes it easy to clean. If you’re worried about the safety aspect of a toilet that hangs off your wall, you have nothing to fear. A decent wall-hung toilet can withstand 200 kg.


White Wall Hung Toilet



Bidets are not toilets. Rather, they are specialized fixtures for washing after using the toilet. They come in various shapes and sizes and are used for one purpose: for cleaning the nether regions.

When compared to toilet paper, bidets are healthier as they provide better hygiene. Modern bidets are capable of spraying a targeted stream of water at the precise spot, cleaning up even the most stubborn mess gently and easily.


White Bidet Toilet

What Are the Different Styles of Toilets Available in the UK?

Traditional Toilets

Traditional toilets have a dated appearance. They typically match the style you would connect with houses from the Victorian era (1837–1900) or the Edwardian era (1901–1914). If you plan to mix contemporary immaculate looks with conventional elegance, a traditional toilet is a good value buy.

You can opt for a high-level cistern or low-level cistern and a stainless steel or porcelain toilet bowl. And depending on the finish you want to achieve, you can pick a flush kit equipped with either a lever or a push button.


Vintage Bathroom With White Traditional Toilet


Modern Toilets

Modern toilets are units that ooze class with their sleek lines and eye-catching finish, presenting a versatile addition to modern bathrooms. For achieving contemporary bathroom decor, you need to buy a high-level toilet, back-to-wall toilet, or wall-hung toilet.

You can easily find a basin and pedestal that are designed to perfection to match the latest toilet style. You can never go wrong in the selection of a modern toilet because the potential styles for a precise match are simply too vast.


Modern Bathroom With Modern Toilet


Rimless Toilets

A type of modern toilet, a rimless toilet, has the toilet rim eliminated at the design stage. Hence, water does not flow inside the rim. As a result, the inner walls of the toilet bowl are smoother, without nooks or gaps where dirt can settle and build up.

This toilet boasts an advanced design that prevents the splashing of water. The cleaning of the WC is simpler and more hygienic compared to toilets with a rim. The novel water distributor in this toilet facilitates a stronger flush, spreading the water in a uniform manner around the inner bowl.

The improved design also ensures that the water reaches higher around the toilet bowl during flushing.


White Rimless Toilet

Toilet Accessories

Toilet Seats

Toilet seats provide finesse to your toilet. With countless designs to choose from, this toilet accessory presents you with an opportunity to let your personality shine through. Toilet seats come in shapes, not sizes.

This is the reason why you need to buy a toilet seat with your toilet. Retain the receipt as some parts of a toilet seat are considered perishable items and will not be covered under the manufacturer’s guarantee.

Choose your toilet seat based on the shape of the toilet pan. Toilet pans are most commonly square, round, and oval. Measure the dimensions to find the perfect match.

Toilet seats are available in a natural wood finish as well as a plastic finish. The wooden models include mahogany, pine, wenge, ash, and natural oak. A soft close toilet seat with smooth hinges creates a luxurious feel as it ensures the toilet lid does not slam down.


Three Toilet Seats


Cistern Fittings and Sani-Flo

A cistern is essential for the smooth working of your toilet as the right cistern can reduce the amount of water used with each flush. Cisterns come in a wide range of styles to suit various bathroom layouts. A concealed cistern hides the mechanism that regulates the water flow to your toilet, presenting a minimalist aesthetic in your bathroom.

Traditional-style cisterns include high-level and low-level cisterns. They are equipped with a flush lever or a chain flush. In modern toilets, the cistern is attached straight to the rear of the pan.

Sani-Flo macerator or grinder is an external unit that is installed behind rear discharge toilets. In some models, an extension pipe is used for connecting the macerator. The lifting ability of the macerator permits you to install a toilet wherever you want in your house – even in the basement.


Saniflo Macerator

How Should You Install a Toilet?

Follow these 11 steps for easy toilet installation:

  1. Rough the closet bend and toilet floor flange. With a putty knife, scrape the old wax gasket (in case you are replacing a toilet). From the floor flange, remove the old bolts. Scrape the flange clean for leak prevention at the bottom of the new bowl. Install a new floor flange if the old flange is damaged or cracked.
  2. When you position the floor flange, ensure the underside of the flange and the level of the finished floor are in line. Tighten the screws that secure the floor flange to the floor. While tightening, place a small level on the flange to make sure it is level.
  3. Insert the new floor bolts through the flange and set them in the plumber’s putty. Adjust the bolts so that they are in line with the centre of the drainpipe.
  4. Turn the new toilet bowl upside down. On the base of the bowl, place the wax gasket over the toilet horn.
  5. Apply the plumber’s putty carefully to cover the entire bottom edge of the toilet bowl. Take care not to use too much plumber’s putty.
  6. Lower the toilet bowl into position over the flange. Give a gentle twist and press down firmly. You’ll feel the base of the toilet being positioned into the wax ring.
  7. Level the toilet bowl using a level. Add shims where required. Check the alignment of the toilet with the wall before tightening the nuts and washers onto the bolts.
  8. On the base of the tank, fit the rubber gasket onto the opening of the flush valve.
  9. Position the tank over the toilet bowl. Tighten the nuts onto the mounting bolts.
  10. Place the decorative caps over the bolt ends after filling them with the plumber’s putty. Seal the base of the bowl with silicone caulk or plumber’s putty.
  11. Attach a shut-off valve after cutting the end of the supply line stub out. Connect this valve to the flexible tubing. Next, connect this tubing to the base of the tank.

Our Top Recommendations

1. BC Square Back-to-Wall WC and Soft Close Toilet Seat | Price: £167.00

The stylish angular design of the BC Square Back to Wall WC exudes contemporary class and is ideal for any modern setting. This toilet is available in many colour options and comes with a soft-closing carbamide seat.

The superior quality raw materials will stand the test of time in both construction and longevity. The reason is this vitreous China construction marvel comes with a 25 years manufacturer’s guarantee.


BC Square Back To Wall Pan with Soft Close Toilet Seat

2. Grace Rimless Wall-Hung Toilet | Price: £606.00

This striking and regal-looking toilet complements any contemporary bathroom. The Grace Rimless Wall-Hung Toilet is a modern design that brings visual appeal as well as elegance.

The unique design of this toilet goes well with a concealed cistern wall-hung frame. The wall-hung design presents the illusion of extra floor space and permits easy cleaning of the bathroom. The 5-year guarantee from Hudson Reed safeguards you against any manufacturing flaws.


Grace Rimless Wall-Hung Toilet

3. Patello Back to Wall 800 Combination Unit White | Price: £245.00

Interested in a toilet that saves you water every time it’s used? Then, the Patello Back to Wall 800 Combination Unit, a model that uses less water, is a value buy. The dual flush concealed cistern comes equipped with a water-saving mechanism – Ecosystem flush 3lt and Full flush system 6lt.

You’ll save several pounds each month on your utilities for a long time as this toilet is meant to last for several decades. You get extra storage space as well – two removable glass shelves adorn this full high gloss acrylic combination unit.


Patello Back to Wall 800 Combination Unit White

4. Compact 600mm Back to Wall WC Unit | Price: £224.00

The Compact 600mm Back to Wall WC Unit includes a cistern tank and the front dual flush plate. The practical design of this unit includes a handy worktop and hides the unsightly scenes of pipework for a more elegant appeal. This sleek and stylish model is manufactured from 100% solid wood and available in three deluxe finishes – Light Grey, Anthracite Grey or White. The manufacturer gives a 10-year guarantee for this premium product.


Compact 600mm Back to Wall WC Unit

5. Jazz Close Coupled Toilet and Seat | Price: £99.00

Jax Jazz offers this stylish close-coupled toilet at a competitive price. The cistern with dual flush action follows the unique design that includes a chrome push button.

The soft close toilet seat is fixed with chrome hinges and is almost impossible to slam. This seat will not cause a loud clatter even when you lose grip on it.

The strong lines and subtle curves of this toilet fit within a contemporary bathroom with natural ease.


Jazz Close Coupled Toilet and Seat

Shop Toilets

With an endless array of toilets in the Bathroom City collection, you are assured of finding the right style to complement any setting – a small-sized bathroom or a large family bathroom. We recommend the premium brands Imperial Bathrooms, Heritage, Jax Jazz, Tavistock and Aqua Cabinets as they offer breathtaking styles and designs.  

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