Forzalaqua Natural Stone Washbasins

Make a unique style statement in your bathroom with the luxurious textures and contemporary styling of the premium natural stone basin collection from Forzalaqua.

ll hand-crafted from a single piece of stone which ensures that each item is truly unique in appearance and texture, available in beautiful Basalt, Black Granite, Travertine and Blue Stone finis

These modern natural stone basins are all hand-crafted from a single piece of stone which ensures that each item is truly unique in appearance and texture, available in beautiful Basalt, Black Granite, Travertine and Blue Stone finish.

black stone square basinblack stone honned rock face basinround marble stone basin

The Forzalaqua natural stone collection features a wide range of basin and washbowl styles plus optional stone worktops, brackets and stands that will enable you to instantly create a stunning focal point in your bathroom. Every item in this designer range features the very best in high-end contemporary design and will bring some Dutch chic to your bathroom or ensuite.

Blue Stone Basin

Formed out of blue-grey compact limestone over 300 million years ago, the sedimentary layers in this rock contain silhouetted fossils captured during its formation, giving Blue Stone sanitaryware an individual character that makes it unique.

square Blue Stone Basin

Basalt Stone Basin

Darker in colour than Blue Stone, Basalt has a deep black colour and is extremely hard-wearing. This igneous rock is formed out of volcanic magma and contains innumerable tiny crystals made out of minerals such as olivine, pyroxene and feldspar.

round Basalt Stone Basin

Black Granite Stone Basins

Consisting of three minerals – quartz, feldspars and micas (biotite), Black Granite washbasins originate from solidified underground magma and come in various finishes. Dark in colour, they are not quite as dark as Basalt.

Square Black Granite Stone Basins

Travertine Stone Basin

Travertine is very different from the darker stone materials as it has a cream coloured appearance. This lighter colouring shows up the unique textures and patterns caused by the precipitation of lime water from hot springs, with irregular pores that are created by twigs, leaves and other materials falling into the water during its formation.

round Travertine Stone Basin

Forzalaqua’s natural stone bathroom products also feature different finishes that can enhance the texture and visual appeal of each individual item. Some products are polished to create a smooth, shiny surface, sanded for a matt finish or hammered for a rough, naturally textured finish.

Natural Stone Basins & Washbowls

Whatever type of bathroom you have, Forzalaqua will have created a natural stone basin that will perfectly suit your individual space.

The countertop basin collection includes circular washbowls such as Verona, Firenze and Roma plus square-shaped models including the Milano and Siracusa.

Natural Stone Basins & WashbowlsNatural Stone Basins & WashbowlsNatural Stone Basins & Washbowls

square Natural Stone Basins & Washbowlssquare Natural Stone Basins & Washbowls and tap

These versatile basins can either be installed onto a suitable furniture unit or worktop or alternatively paired up with Forzalaqua’s natural stone plateaus and suspension brackets for a coordinated look.

round stone basin with free standing tap on a 2 door rel oak vanity unitround stone basin with free standing tap on a 2 door rel oak vanity unit with stone towel shelf

The range also includes larger wall mounted basins such as the geometric Bellezza, Taranto and Palermo sink, plus there are more unique shapes like the magnificent Laguna basin, which features a curved bowl and square worktop formed from a single piece of stone.

geometric Bellezza, Taranto and Palermo sinkmagnificent Laguna basin, which features a curved bowl and square worktop formed from a single piece of stone.

If space is at a premium then Forzalaqua have also created wall-mounted cloakroom basins with reduced dimensions that are perfect for ensuites or downstairs toilets. The curved Turino basins make great use of available space by fitting snugly into a corner while the Venetia sinks also feature a compact design but are square-shaped.

Natural Stone Worktops/Plateaus

Forzalaqua has also created natural stone worktops, also described as plateaus, which can be beautifully combined with either one or two washbowls. Like the washbasins, they are crafted from a single piece of natural stone and come in either Blue Stone or Basalt.

These beautiful plateaus are available in a choice of two thickness options - either 3cm or 9cm. The thinner 3cm plateau comes with either stylish stainless steel or warm solid oak brackets to suit your taste while the thicker 9cm model comes with “hidden” brackets to give a sleek floating shelf appearance.

Natural Stone Worktops/Plateaus

The plateaus are also available either with or without tap holes to suit your choice of basin taps. A plateau without tap holes is suitable if you intend to install your basin tap directly into it whereas if you want a separate wall-mounted basin tap then you should choose a plateau with no tap holes.

More Natural Stone Products From Forzalaqua

The large Napoli double basin is unique in this collection as it is the only one that has the option of being purchased with a designated stainless steel frame which converts it into a stunning washstand. Alternatively, the basin can be combined with custom-made furniture or be wall-mounted like many of the other basins in the range.

 Napoli double basin is unique

Forzalaqua's stunning natural stone shower trays are sleekly designed with an invisible drain hole. Both are available in Blue Stone and Basalt and will help you build a coordinated look throughout your bathroom.

stone shower tray

Forzalaqua Natural Stone Basins at Bathroom City

Bathroom City is one of the few retailers of Forzalaqua sanitaryware in the UK and we offer their full range of natural stone countertop basins, wall mounted sinks, plateaus, wall brackets and more.

If you’d like more details about the options available or guidance in putting together your perfect Forzalaqua basin installation then call 0121 7530700 and speak to our bathroom experts.

Caring For Your Natural Stone Basin

To ensure your natural stone basin looks its best for years to come, Forzalaqua has put together this daily maintenance advice.

1. Ensure that your basin is kept dry and clean when it is not in use, particularly if your water supply has a high mineral content.

2. Only use a mild detergent or cleanser and wipe clean with a damp cotton cloth.

3. Do not let bleach or other corrosive substances come into contact with the basin as it could lead to discolouration of the stone surface. If this does happen by accident you should immediately clean and rinse the sink.

4. Make sure you prevent any sharp objects from falling into the washbasin as this could damage the surface.

5. Avoid using water that is hotter than 60 degrees Celsius.