• Five-Benefits-Of-Using-Bidets

    5 Great Reasons to Own a Bidet

    Have you seen a bidet recently?  If the answer is yes, then it is likely you were abroad at the time. Bidets are common fixtures in the Middle East, Asia and Europe – in fact, 97% of Italian households have one. However, they are far less common in the UK. So are we Brits missing out...
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  • UK Guide to Bidet Toilets

    First-Time Buyers Guide to a Bidet

    Bidets are not toilets. They are, in fact, specialised fixtures for washing up after using the toilet. Bidets are available in an assortment of shapes and sizes and are used primarily for one purpose: for cleaning the posterior regions. Compared to toilet paper, a bidet is healthier as...
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  • Disabled-Toilet-sign-on-blue-background

    A Detailed Guide to Disabled Toilets

    Read our entire guide on disabled toilets, or jump to specific sections by clicking on the links below: What is a Disabled Toilet? What are the Dimensions and Height of a Disabled Toilet System? What is a Disabled Toilet Alarm System? How Can One Get Access to the Disabled...
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  • Toilets Buying Guide

    Toilets Buying Guide

    Most bathrooms have a toilet. However, whether you are revamping your bathroom or designing a new one, the toilet is perhaps the last item on your shopping list. The shower unit, the bathtub and the vanity unit take precedence. The enormous choice you have today when it comes to design...
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  • Top Tips On Finding the Best Toilet For Your Bathroom

    Tips on Finding the Best Toilet For Your Bathroom

    Shopping for a toilet is rarely an exciting venture – after all, many of them look much the same. Whether you buy a toilet for £100 or £1000, both will do the job, but you ultimately get what you pay for. Size, height and functionality are all key points to consider when choosing a...
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  • How to Clean Your Toilet Properly

    Did you know that a clean toilet reduces the number of health risks? Poorly cleaned toilets do the opposite, contaminating the rest of your bathroom with invisible germs and bacteria.  Following are the direct instructions on how to give your toilet a proper clean.  Pay...
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  • How to Install a New Toilet

    Installing a new toilet isn’t as complicated as you might think, but there are things to consider before getting started.  It’s important to make sure you can isolate the water supply and ensure the soil pipe doesn’t need adjusting. If either of these things does require...
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