Fitted Furniture

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    How To Install Fitted Bathroom Furniture?

    What Is Fitted Bathroom Furniture?  A series of units that fit together neatly comprises fitted bathroom furniture. This furniture provides generous storage space in your bathroom. The most common modern fitted bathroom furniture piece includes a washbasin and a vanity unit...
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  • Fitted Furniture To Transform Your Bathroom

    Fitted Furniture to Transform Your Bathroom: Pemberton, Oliver, Grove and Sonix

    Importance of Fitted Bathroom Furniture Fitted furniture for bathroom not only presents a designer look personalised just for you but also offers the perfect storage solution. The wide range of fitted bathroom units that the top brands offer promise sleek, stylish...
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  • Bathroom Furniture Buying Guide

    Bathroom Furniture Buying Guide

    Bathrooms are one of the most important personal spaces in a house where we usually begin and end our days. They are a safe space that provides calm solitude to relax and unwind from the strain of life stresses at the end of the day, with a pleasant hot shower or a warm bath. So, when...
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  • Simple Ways To Modernise Your Fitted Bathroom Furniture

    One problem people often find with having fitted bathroom furniture installed is that it can often be costly and a lengthy process to modernise the look and feel of the bathroom. After living in a home for so long you tend to want to make some changes, particularly if your furniture is...
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