Bathroom Checklists

  • How To Declutter Your Bathroom In Eleven Easy Steps

    How to Declutter Your Bathroom in 11 Easy Steps

    A small room like your bathroom can quickly attract clutter. And the sad truth is clutter attracts more clutter. There are two main reasons why clutter accumulates in your bathroom. The first one is that you strongly feel you might need something, such as a particular brand of...
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  • 5-Gold-Bathroom-Ideas-for-Inspiration

    5 Gold Bathroom Ideas for Inspiration

    Gold looks regal and elegant. A gold colour scheme in your bathroom can transform it from being average to truly spectacular. The bright finish and splendid appearance of gold accessories work exquisitely well in luxury bathroom designs. Gold bathrooms, or Bathrooms with gold...
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  • Five-Modern-Bathroom-Trends-To-Inspire-You-This-Summer

    Five Modern Bathroom Trends to Inspire You This Summer

    In the UK this year, we have started experiencing a long, pleasant stretch of summer. It’s been a rather surprising change in the weather. The blistery cold climes in April and May have turned to glorious sunshine all of a sudden. And the temperatures have been in the enjoyable range of...
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  • 10-Smart-Planning-Tips -For-Ensuite-Bathrooms

    10 Smart planning Tips For Your Ensuite Bathroom

    Planning and fitting a new Ensuite or refurbishing an old one requires time, planning, and finding the right set of Bathroom products. Here are some quick and easy tips that will transform any en-suite bathroom and give it a fresh lease of life, without taking it out of action....
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  • Five-Double-Sink-Vanity-Units-For-Your-Family-Bathroom

    5 Double Sink Vanity Units for Your Family Bathroom

    Sharing a sink with your spouse, kids or anyone else can be a challenge, even at the best of times. But sharing bathroom space is especially taxing when everyone has to get ready at the same time. So, in a family bathroom, having two sinks can be a great time saver. The installation...
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  • Top-Five-Budget-Basin-Sink-Units-Cover-Image

    Top 5 Value for Money Basin Sink Units

    A basin vanity unit is, in effect, a combination of a washbasin and storage. This value-for-money bathroom accessory features a gorgeous sink. But that’s not all. It presents you with a clever storage solution for concealing your bathroom essentials, too. This indispensable unit adds...
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  • Five-Natural-Ways-To-Clean-Your-Bathroom

    Five Natural Ways To Clean Your Bathroom

    Cleaning the bathroom is a household chore that most of us dread. As one of the busiest and most important rooms in the house, it can take a lot of time and effort to clean properly.  With so many different types of surfaces to clean, you need a variety of different products to...
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  • Top-10-Tips-To-Help-Organise-Your-Bathroom-Space

    Ten Tips to Help Organize Your Bathroom Space

    Does your bathroom space feel cluttered and disorganized? Do you envision enjoying a clean and beautiful space straight out of a magazine but wonder if it is possible in your home?  Well, bathroom spaces are not difficult to spruce up. With the right storage solutions, fitted...
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  • Essential-Checklist-When-Buying-A-New-Bathroom

    Essential Bathroom Checklist When Buying A New Home

    Buying a new home can be full of little annoyances—location, size, number of rooms etc. According to, there was an increase in annual residential transactions in the UK, between 2011 and 2020. Annual Housing Sales reached 80, 000 in 2011 and the previous year they toped 124, 000...
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  • Five Tips When Buying Wooden Bathroom Furniture

    5 Tips When Buying Bathroom Furniture Made Out Of Wood

    The bathroom is an important stop for everyone, and you don’t want yours to be too dull! Adding wooden furniture to your bathroom is a great way to uplift your mood and start the day on a positive note. With so many styles and design options, choosing the right wooden bathroom...
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  • Seven Amazing Shower Enclosures To Inspire Your Bathroom Remodel

    7 Amazing Shower Enclosure Designs To Inspire Your Remodel

    When it comes to a shower enclosure, sometimes, a minor design change to your existing enclosure can make a world of difference. The brand new shower enclosure designs discussed here can easily transform your ordinary-looking bathroom into a splendid one instantaneously. And the main...
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  • Top-10-Budget-Bathroom-Makeover-Ideas

    Top 10 Budget Bathroom Makeover Ideas

    Bored with your dull bathroom but worried about the high cost of a makeover? Don’t fret needlessly. You don’t need the fortune to transform your lifeless bathroom into an ultra-modern, cool space. It’s true that on average, it will cost you £7000 for a full bathroom renovation. However...
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  • 9-Tips-For-A-Quick-Shower

    9 Tips for a More Time Efficient Shower

    Alright, you wake up early. That isn’t the real problem. You love a pleasant shower too much –who doesn’t? – and find that you take too long to finally step out of the shower enclosure. And after that, you need to really rush through things to catch up on the other morning tasks. ...
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  • 7-Bathroom-Suites-For-Small-Bathrooms

    7 Bathroom Suites For Small Bathrooms

    A bathroom suite is a collection of accessories designed to be used together so that they complement the overall aesthetics. A toilet pan, cistern and a washbasin is the industry standard. But all the bathroom suites in the Bathroom City collection include a vanity unit for the basin,...
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  • Five Corner Bath Suite Tips

    5 Corner Bath Suite Tips

    A corner bath suite is a luxurious purchase intended to create elegance and prestige. And a cleverly designed bath that fits perfectly into a corner in your bathroom looks simply splendid. Typically, people choose a corner suite because it will complement the shape of their bathroom...
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  • Five-Benefits-Of-Using-Bidets

    5 Great Reasons to Own a Bidet

    Have you seen a bidet recently?  If the answer is yes, then it is likely you were abroad at the time. Bidets are common fixtures in the Middle East, Asia and Europe – in fact, 97% of Italian households have one. However, they are far less common in the UK. So are we Brits missing out...
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  • Remove-Steam-From-Bathroom-Mirror

    7 Easy Ways to Stop a Bathroom Mirror from Steaming Up

    We’ve all experienced it. You’re time-poor as you step out of the shower, only to find your bathroom mirror fully steamed up. You give the mirror a squeaky rub in frustration. You can see for a few seconds before a layer of invisible water droplets quickly settle on the mirror. More...
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  • Black Bathroom Shower Ideas

    5 Black Shower Enclosures for a Spanking New Bathroom

    Why Black Shower Enclosures? Black is an attractive and eye-catching colour that adds contrast. You can rest assured that black will never go out of style as far as your bathroom is concerned. A black shower enclosure is, therefore, your best bet for making a big impression in a...
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  • 7 Most Popular Colour Ideas For Bathrooms in 2020

    7 Most Popular Bathroom Colours for 2020

    Role of Colour in the Bathroom Every colour has its distinctive characteristic and psychological value. When you understand this simple principle, you can choose the right colours for your bathroom furniture with ease. You only need to equip yourself with some elementary information...
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  • 5 Stunning Bathroom Trends in 2020

    5 Stunning Bathroom Trends for 2020

    If you’ve been thinking of designing a new bathroom or remodelling an existing one but you aren’t sure how, the best approach would be to look at the most recent design trends for inspiration. Our mission is to find the top design ideas that are expected to make a splash in 2020. We are...
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  • 7 Best Modern Bathroom Radiators Under £300

    7 Best Modern Bathroom Radiators Under £300

    Modern radiators create a warming ambience, presenting you with the ultimate bathroom escape. They are ideal for delivering a heating solution for any bathroom. Don’t let a big unsightly heating unit detract from the aesthetics of your contemporary bathroom. You have a range of designer...
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  • Ten Stunning Black Bathroom Ideas

    10 Stunning Black Bathroom Ideas

    Why Black Bathroom Ideas? Black is a colour that’s associated with a range of sentiments including power, mystery, strength, authority and elegance. In bathroom design, black is the new sophisticated colour—at once dramatic and the stuff of dream décor. Black is not only elegant, but...
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  • 13 Space Saving Bathroom Ideas

    Top 13 Space-Saving Bathroom Ideas

    Although your bathroom is one of the most hardworking rooms in your home, it’s often the smallest. Hence, putting every square inch of available space to good use becomes crucial. Regardless of the size of your bathroom, we’re confident these space-saving bathroom ideas will help you...
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  • Top 10 Grey Bathroom Ideas

    Top 10 Grey Bathroom Ideas

    Grey is a colour that not only feels cool and neutral but also looks sophisticated and balanced. This colour is a great choice for bathrooms because it is practical and timeless. Grey looks exquisite in minimalist decors characterised by simple shapes and clean lines. This versatility...
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  • Seven Most Important Things To Consider When Buying a New Shower

    7 Most Important Things to Consider When Buying a Shower

    A good, relaxing shower – hot or cold – is immensely beneficial to not only your physical health but also to your mental health. Most often, a shower is the silent partner to a bathtub when it comes to the centre of focus in your bathroom. And by choosing the right shower valve, you can...
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  • Top 5 Baths On a Budget

    Top 5 Baths on a Budget

    Finding the perfect bathtub is never easy, especially if affordability is a limitation. When you are looking to buy a bathtub on a budget, you’ll also need to consider if you can complete the installation with minimal professional help. Giving due consideration to these factors, we...
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  • Image-Showing-A-Hand-With-Flushing-Action

    21 Things You Should Never Flush Down Your Toilet

    Did you know that one flush of a toilet wastes 3 gallons of water? And did you also know that sewerage systems aren't designed to carry anything other than the 3 Ps – pee, poo, and toilet paper?   Clogged pipes lead to blocked sewers and cracked pipes, which can even lead...
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  • Three Essential Shower Accessories For Your New Shower

    Three Shower Accessories To Go With Your New Shower

    Shower accessories enhance the appearance of your new shower and ensure your bathroom shower space is watertight. Since they – especially the bath shower screen and shower wall panel – greatly influence your bathroom décor, they deserve your full attention. The term shower accessories...
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  • Five Luxury Yet Affordable Bathroom Suites

    5 Luxury Yet Surprisingly Affordable Bathroom Suites

    Bathroom suites are expensive. And designing a new bathroom suite – or renovating an existing one – while tracking your budget strictly can be especially challenging. The cost breakup of the fittings, labour and overall decor can overwhelm you quickly. That’s the reason we’ve come up...
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  • Top 10 Ensuite Bathroom Ideas

    Top 10 Ensuite Bathroom Ideas For Your Bathroom

    Whether you’re designing a new ensuite or remodeling an existing one, it’s important you make optimal use of the available space. While bathroom layouts can be challenging, a small bathroom layout can be even more challenging. And when space is a limiting factor, you certainly need...
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