Bathroom Technology

  • Five-Technology-Hacks-For-Your-Bathroom

    5 Technology Hacks For Your Bathroom

    Who wouldn’t love a bathroom with ‘smart’ innovations?  Today, technology defines how you live, and technology is getting more advanced and products are getting better by the day. The good news is unlike in the past when only the rich could afford the latest high-tech gadgets...
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  • Top-Five-Apps-To-Design-A-New-Bathroom

    Top 5 Bathroom Apps To Design Or Remodel a Bathroom

    No one uses a ruler, pencil and paper these days to create the design of a new bathroom or remodel an existing one. There are many bathroom apps that not only help you create your personalised design but also visualise what your creation will look like even before you start the project...
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  • 5 Cool Bathroom Apps

    Technology is making its presence known in the bathrooms of today, with endless new gadgets being launched to make our bathroom time a bit more entertaining. But you don't need to invest in an entirely new suite to try out some of this new tech – all you need is a smartphone. Here are a...
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  • Gadgets To Complement Your Fitted Bathroom Furniture

    The bathroom is one of the few places in the house we can find solitude, relaxation, a bit of time out, as a result of this more people are spending their money on luxury items for their bathroom, things to help them relax. As with everything else, the bathroom is stepping into the...
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