Vanity Units

  • Large Vanity Units Buying Guide

    Large Vanity Units Buying Guide

    A large bathroom vanity unit comprises a washbasin on top and a small cabinet at the bottom and is usually ideal for large bathrooms. Choosing the right style for a large vanity unit for the main bathroom is an important decision for a new homeowner. To help guide your decision, we have...
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  • Top 5 Small Vanity Units

    Top 5 Small Vanity Units

    Created to make your bathroom more space-efficient, Small Vanity Units are a very popular choice among buyers. Small Vanity Units are like normal Vanity Units which are simply a wash sink (also referred to as basin), with a cupboard underneath. These vanity units are designed to fit in...
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  • The New Sonix Range

    Bathroom City is proud to announce the release of our brand new Sonix range. This range has been designed and manufactured in our Tyseley home and is now on display in our showroom.  Identified by its soft lines, open storage and acrylic fronts, the Sonix range is...
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  • Guide To Wall Hung Vanity Units

    Why Wall Hung Vanity Units?

    Certain bathroom suites cry out for specific furniture, especially when space is at a premium. Choosing a vanity unit that suits your planned space is important as it can affect the overall practicality of the bathroom suite. The wall hung vanity unit is precisely the...
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  • What is a Vanity Unit?

    Being in the bathroom industry sometimes it’s easy to neglect the use of “normal” vocabulary. A back to the wall to us is simply a toilet to anybody else, as much as a basin to us is widely known as a sink.  Once you start developing or remodelling your bathroom, the initial use...
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