Bathroom Inspiration

  • 10-Tips-to-Enhance-Your-Bathroom-Experience-Cover

    10 Tips to Enhance Your Bathroom Experience

    Starting with the right bathtub is a key point in being able to relax and enjoy your bathing experience. Bathtubs come in different styles, such as whirlpool or jacuzzi, designer, traditional, stone, steel, cast iron and in different shapes, as well. You can fit a bathtub in a corner,...
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  • Top-Tips-for-Keeping-Your-Child-Safe-in-the-Bathroom

    15 Bathroom Safety Tips For Young Children

    Safety: It is very important to ensure that all parts of a bathroom are safe before allowing children to enter them. This includes doors, windows, taps, showers, cabinets and toilet flushes. A majority of homes do not have a specially designed bathroom for children. However, there...
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  • 5-Gold-Bathroom-Ideas-for-Inspiration

    5 Gold Bathroom Ideas for Inspiration

    Gold looks regal and elegant. A gold colour scheme in your bathroom can transform it from being average to truly spectacular. The bright finish and splendid appearance of gold accessories work exquisitely well in luxury bathroom designs. Gold bathrooms, or Bathrooms with gold...
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  • Small-Bathroom-Ideas-To-Maximise-The-Potential-Of-A-Small-Bathroom

    10 Bathroom Ideas to Maximise the Potential of a Small Bathroom

    Residential houses in the UK are getting smaller. It’s also a well-known fact that new homes in the UK are among the smallest in Europe. The ongoing housing crisis in London has not helped matters in any way either. It has actually left a lot of homeowners disappointed. And lack of...
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  • Choose-The-Right-Color-Scheme-For-Your-Bathroom

    How to Choose the Right Colour Scheme for Your Bathroom?

    Did you know that the colour of your bathroom is a reflection of who you are? Several studies published on colour psychology show that people choose their interiors' hues based on their personality.  If your bathroom walls honestly tell your story, don't you want it to...
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  • Bathroom-Trends-In-2021

    Top 5 Bathroom Trends for 2021

    Your bathroom is often the only place where you regularly have time to yourself. And to be fair, bland bathrooms that lack personality belonged to a different era. But 2021 is different. From bringing nature into your bathroom to going for gold in your bathroom accessories and...
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  • 10 Luxury Bathrooms in Celebrity Homes

    Celebrity Bathroom Inspiration

    With premium bathroom furniture and vanity units, illuminated mirrors to exquisite natural lighting, and of course, breathtaking bathtubs, these celebrity bathrooms are as fashionable as the celebrities who own them. Browse through these beautiful bathroom interiors or jump to any of...
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  • 5 Stunning Bathroom Trends in 2020

    5 Stunning Bathroom Trends for 2020

    If you’ve been thinking of designing a new bathroom or remodelling an existing one but you aren’t sure how, the best approach would be to look at the most recent design trends for inspiration. Our mission is to find the top design ideas that are expected to make a splash in 2020. We are...
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  • Ten Stunning Black Bathroom Ideas

    10 Stunning Black Bathroom Ideas

    Why Black Bathroom Ideas? Black is a colour that’s associated with a range of sentiments including power, mystery, strength, authority and elegance. In bathroom design, black is the new sophisticated colour—at once dramatic and the stuff of dream décor. Black is not only elegant, but...
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  • 13 Space Saving Bathroom Ideas

    Top 13 Space-Saving Bathroom Ideas

    Although your bathroom is one of the most hardworking rooms in your home, it’s often the smallest. Hence, putting every square inch of available space to good use becomes crucial. Regardless of the size of your bathroom, we’re confident these space-saving bathroom ideas will help you...
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  • Top 10 Grey Bathroom Ideas

    Top 10 Grey Bathroom Ideas

    Grey is a colour that not only feels cool and neutral but also looks sophisticated and balanced. This colour is a great choice for bathrooms because it is practical and timeless. Grey looks exquisite in minimalist decors characterised by simple shapes and clean lines. This versatility...
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  • Creating A Child Friendly Bathroom

    Child-Friendly Bathroom Design Ideas

    Sharing a bathroom with your kids can test your patience. That’s because kids usually have plenty of stuff, but they tend to be messy and not great at organising their stuff. It isn’t enough to have a spacious bathroom. You need to ensure it’s child-friendly as well. Whether you’re...
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  • Image of a Timeless Bathroom Design

    How to Design a Timeless Family Bathroom

    “With every bathroom renovation, there are three areas that I focus on: budget, function and style.” – Candice Olson  Unlike most celebrities, we’re sure you don’t want to do major remodelling work in your bathroom every few years. The reason is simple. Even if you can afford it...
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  • Top 10 Ensuite Bathroom Ideas

    Top 10 Ensuite Bathroom Ideas For Your Bathroom

    Whether you’re designing a new ensuite or remodeling an existing one, it’s important you make optimal use of the available space. While bathroom layouts can be challenging, a small bathroom layout can be even more challenging. And when space is a limiting factor, you certainly need...
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  • The History and Evolution of Bathrooms

    History of Bathrooms: Greek & Roman to Modern

    Have you ever wondered how modern bathrooms came to be? Records show that our love of bathing dates as far back as 3000 BC – a time when water had significant religious value for its perceived ability to cleanse and purify. Indeed, baths were very much a part of community life at this...
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  • 21 Gorgeous Bathroom Trends Taking Over in 2018

    It doesn’t take a massive overhaul to transform the look and feel of your bathroom. A few simple touches here and there: new light fixtures, a fresh reel of wallpaper, one or two plants, and improved storage can make a real difference to the tone and atmosphere of your bathroom. Of...
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  • 2016 Bathroom Trends

    We’re half-way through 2016 already and hasn’t it gone fast? Just like any other year, 2016 means new trends and styles. Six months in, we’ve been able to really get a flavour of what’s hot and what’s not.  Here are 5 examples of what styles we believe are on-trend for...
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  • Setting Up or remodelling a Bathroom

    Setting Up or Remodelling a Bathroom? Top 10 Mistakes to Avoid

    Renovating your bathroom is a big job. And you need to make sure you avoid making any big-regret bathroom design mistakes because a utilitarian bathroom is essential for maintaining a happy and functional household. The idea of a brand new bathroom can be both appealing and exciting....
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  • 10 Things To Think About When Renovating Your Bathroom.

    Your bathroom should cater to your needs, both practical and spiritual. Here are some important things to consider before you begin renovating your bathroom. Choose Elegant Fixtures. The fixtures you choose to install in your bathroom will affect its overall feel....
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  • 10 Reasons Why You Should Love Your Bathroom

    A bathroom is a place we all have in common. No matter who we are, we all need a bathroom to maintain a clean and healthy lifestyle. Whether we’re answering nature’s call, or simply taking a shower, the bathroom is a place we all visit regularly. It’s a room that never judges us and it’...
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  • Bathroom Inspiration from Fancy Hotels

    We all want a bit of luxury in our lives, and given the amount of time we spend in the bathroom on a daily basis, it makes sense to invest in a suite that will make our lives that little bit easier. Hotels show us what our lives could be like if we had the kind of budget that allowed...
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  • How to prepare a relaxing bath

      There simply is nothing more relaxing than getting into the bath after a long day at work or sleepless night and the long day after that. In that kind of situations, everything you dream of is just to get rid of all the makeup you used to cover up the sleepless night...
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  • How to create a bathroom spa on a budget?

    Ever wanted to have your very own spa at home without the hefty price tag that comes with it? Creating a bathroom spa on a budget may seem too good to be true - however, it’s pretty easy when you know how and will dramatically improve your day to day bathroom experience! If you’ve...
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  • 5 Tips For Organising Bathroom Space

    The organisation isn’t a quality that we all share, however when it comes to organisation in the bathroom it often gets neglected. Your bathroom should be your own personal sanctuary, space where you can be at peace and relax. The stark reality is quite the opposite. Empty shampoo...
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