10 Reasons Why You Should Love Your Bathroom

A bathroom is a place we all have in common. No matter who we are, we all need a bathroom to maintain a clean and healthy lifestyle. Whether we’re answering nature’s call, or simply taking a shower, the bathroom is a place we all visit regularly. It’s a room that never judges us and it’s a place where we can always relax and unwind. Naturally, at Bathroom City we love bathrooms, so here are 10 reasons to remind you of why you should too.

1) You can think about all of life’s problems there.

Nobody has a good day every day. Unfortunately, this is just a fact of life. But when skies are grey, visiting the bathroom can offer us comfort and solace. It’s a room that always offers us the opportunity to evaluate our problems, and then come up with solutions to help us see the silver lining.

2) You can get some time to yourself.

Living a busy lifestyle is all fun and games, but we all have to strike a balance. The bathroom is the perfect room to relax. We all need space so we can unwind and get some time to ourselves. The bathroom is the perfect room to do this.

3) All your worries are left behind.

Whether it’s the clinical feel or just the relaxing presence of bubbles and water, our worries are always left outside the bathroom. It’s a room that hosts a number of therapeutic properties and just like we clean our bodies in the bathroom, our minds can be equally cleansed too.

4) In the bathroom, you are king.

Lying in the bath alone is empowering because you can do what you like. Want to sing your heart out to the latest Justin Bieber song? Why not. Remember, the bathroom is your own world and you are its infinite ruler.

5) You can reflect on things gone by.

The bathroom can be a great place for introspection. It’s a room that never fails to clear our heads and because of this, it can offer us a philosophical output on things that have happened in the past.

6) You can read anything you want without anyone disturbing.

It’s the only room in the house where you can read your guilty pleasures without being judged. A secret Twilight fan? The bathroom offers us the privacy to read things we perhaps wouldn’t elsewhere.

7) You can rehearse what you have to say or do later.

Got an important meeting? Maybe you’re planning on breaking some important news? The bathroom will give you the perfect opportunity to carefully rehearse what you have to say and the way in which you should say it.

8) You can break all of the high scores on your phone.

Whether it’s Farmville or Candy Crush, the bathroom gives you the opportunity to scratch the itch of online gaming and really get those scores up.

9) Private conversations stay private.

In the bathroom, you can call who you like and talk about what you like, in total privacy. This means you can get all the things you want off your chest with the luxury of complete seclusion.

10) You can formulate plans for the future in the bath.

Want to climb Kilimanjaro or start your own business? The bathroom can be the perfect environment to really think about what you want and the way in which you should go about getting it.

At Bathroom City, we believe that the bathroom to be so much more than just a room where we clean ourselves. Instead, we consider it a sanctuary of escapism where we can do what we like when we like, judgment-free. At Bathroom City, we believe a bathroom is a freedom.