Bathroom Inspiration from Fancy Hotels

We all want a bit of luxury in our lives, and given the amount of time we spend in the bathroom on a daily basis, it makes sense to invest in a suite that will make our lives that little bit easier.

Hotels show us what our lives could be like if we had the kind of budget that allowed for indulgences like a jacuzzi or a glass wall that looks onto a stunning yet secluded view.

What if you could bring some of that holiday extravagance home with you? We’ve put together a few ideas for how to bring hotel bathroom inspiration into your home.



One way to make your bathroom seem a little bit more sophisticated is to invest in coordinating your textiles so that you have matching sets of towels, bath mats, robes and so on. Quality materials such as Egyptian cotton will ensure your products last and feel that little bit more special when you're using them.

Freestanding Bath

If you're willing to splash out for the hotel-bathroom-at-home experience, investing in an elegant freestanding bathtub is one way to dramatically transform your wasting space.

Traditional tubs will introduce antiquated glamour into your bathroom, making every time you bathe feel like a trip to a grand manor house. A double-ended bathtub with floor-mounted taps will make a spectacular centrepiece in any bathroom, home or away.

Alternatively, a more contemporary bath will bring the modern chic of a state-of-the-art city getaway into the comfort of your own home. Incorporating a bespoke whirlpool function into your bath allows you all the luxury of visiting a spa without having to leave the house.

One thing to bear in mind is that the impact of a new bathtub will be inevitably diminished if the rest of your suite doesn't compliment it. So either avoid buying a tub that doesn't match your existing features or if you have spotted one that you simply must have, be prepared to redesign the rest of your bathroom to go with it.


Minimalist Shower Enclosure

If you don't have the available space or budget to incorporate a freestanding bath, a new branded shower enclosure from matki could be a cheaper but equally classy solution.

Glass panels look chic and unfussy, so they will match almost any bathroom décor. Along with an inset shower tray or tiled flooring, you can create a barely-there space that is both sophisticated and efficient. Incorporating jets into your enclosure is an easy way to add the cool factor to your enclosure.

A statement shower head that complements your suite is the key to fusing the look of your new shower installation with the rest of your bathroom.


One way of making your bathroom feel a little bit more special is to introduce some seating into it. A shower seat can make chore-like tasks such as shaving your legs that little bit less arduous, and they don't take up much room.

If you have a bit more floor space available, a bench to sit on whilst you towel off or moisturise after a bath or shower could satisfy that luxury you crave, as well as offering a bit of extra storage space.


Bath Shower Screen

If your bathroom has a shower bath that you can't easily replace, consider swapping the curtain for a bath shower screen. They are more hygienic than manky old curtains and look infinitely classier.


Sort Your Storage

Storage is key, and if everything has its place you will feel much more organised and efficient when you come to use the bathroom, making the experience relaxing like a holiday rather than stressful.

Hidden storage such as vanity units and wall cabinets are fabulous for keeping what you need handy but also out of view - ideal for the personal items you might keep in your bathroom.

For items that guests may need to use, such as towels and spare toilet rolls, displaying them nicely will create a good impression and also give your visitors a more pleasant experience, as they won't be panicking as they look around your bathroom cupboards for the loo paper and accidentally stumble across items you'd rather they hadn't.



A bathroom mirror should not be an oversight, and there are many varieties to choose from.

For a high tech state-of-the-art hotel feel, a modern multifunctional mirror with elements such as a de-mister pad and iPod integration can make using the bathroom feel like a real treat.

If you're going for a more traditional theme then a grand mirror can make the dramatic statement you desire. An ornate frame may be all you need to achieve a posh hotel vibe in your suite.


Multipurpose Storage

Efficiency is key in hotels, and multifunctional storage items such as a heated towel radiator can make a visual impact as well as offering a practical solution that will make your life just that little bit easier and like a permanent vacation.


Posh Toiletries

A cheap and simple way of making your bathroom feel more like a hotel is to stock up on posh toiletries. If you want to be frugal about it, only put them out for show, and keep the stuff you actually use hidden away and out of view.

Or, if you REALLY want to be stingy, buy them once, use them, then keep refilling the bottles with cheaper products. Tell no-one.

Alternatively, buy an elegant soap dispenser that matches the rest of your suite, then it won't matter what you put in it because at least it will look pretty.