9 Tips for a More Time Efficient Shower

9 Tips for a More Time Efficient Shower
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Alright, you wake up early. That isn’t the real problem. You love a pleasant shower too much –who doesn’t? – and find that you take too long to finally step out of the shower enclosure. And after that, you need to really rush through things to catch up on the other morning tasks.  

You’ve now reached a point where you’d love to get clean faster every day so that you don’t spend too much time taking a shower and end up disrupting your whole morning schedule.  

With this in mind, we’ve compiled some useful tips for making the most of your limited morning shower time, so you can be out and about as early as possible, grab an energising cup of coffee and make it to the office with a spring in your step and time to spare. That’s the idea anyway. 

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1. Organise Your Products

Having everything that you use in your shower enclosure within reach and in the order in which you will use them will save you thinking time as well as physical effort. If you shampoo followed by conditioning and then use your cleansing and shaving products, arrange these items in a way that makes the most of the space in your shower cubicle so that you’re not hunting around for the soap with shampoo suds in your eyes. 


Organised Showering Essentials For a Quick Shower

2. Avoid Washing Your Hair Too Much 

Hair is primarily made of dead skin cells. Only a few cells at the base of the hair root are live. So, using hot water on your scalp isn’t advisable. That’s also the reason why you don’t need to wash your hair as much as the rest of your skin. Besides, washing your hair too often can be drying. This can especially be a problem if you have grey hair or use hair colour. The best idea to get clean faster would be to wash your hair in under a minute when you are not using shampoo. 

3. Use a Cleansing Conditioner 

When you use shampoo – twice or thrice a week would be perfect – instead of using separate shampoo and conditioner, you can curtail your time in the shower by using a do-it-all cleansing conditioner. A cleansing conditioner is a shampoo-free formula that cleanses, balances and refreshes your hair without depleting its vital nutrients and natural oils. This all-in-one formula is gentle, detergent-free and hydrates and conditions your hair in one quick step.  

There’s an assortment of cleansing conditioners for fine, coarse, medium or curly hair. Pick the right one for your hair type. 


Cleansing Conditioners For a Quick Shower

4. Keep the Water Temperature on the Lower Side 

To be honest, a cold or lukewarm shower isn’t very appealing. But the deliberate drop in temperature will force you to speed things along. Another key benefit is you can avoid the damage that hot water can do for your body – especially your skin and hair. Our argument is a soothing, hot shower will only entice you to stay a bit longer inside the shower enclosure. While we aren’t against this option entirely, we suggest you reserve a soothing shower for weekends.  

But to get clean faster on weekdays, nothing can beat bathing with colder water. It sounds unpleasant, but the time you save is worth the small misery. 


Man Showering With Low Temperature Water

5. Focus on Specific Areas 

Your arms and legs are comparatively clean, and they don’t always need soap. But you’ll need to use soap on your chest, abdomen, underarms and groin every day. So focusing on these not so clean areas is a good idea. You can apply soap on these areas and build up a lather in less than a minute. Then you can quickly rinse all the areas of your body – starting from your head – and turn off the shower. 

6. Use Soap Sparingly 

You need to use soap sparingly because traditional soap strips the natural oils from your skin. This is especially so if you have dry skin. You can use less soap and still work up a rich lather by simply turning off the shower after you get wet. You don’t really need to use too much soap all the time to get clean. You can get equally clean by using soap optimally. 

7. Keep Your Shower Enclosure Clean 

A dirty and damp shower enclosure isn’t very appealing, especially at the beginning of a long day. But a clean shower enclosure with a clean shower door that slides noiselessly on smooth shower door tracks makes it easier to simply step in and turn on the shower. Your showering experience is going to be so much better when you start your day within a clean shower area, and everything else is organised, as well.  To learn more about how to keep your shower enclosure clean, you may want to read our guide on How To Clean and Maintain Your Shower Enclosure.


Gloved Hand Cleaning Shower Enclosure

8. Digital Shower and a Personalised Showerhead 

You will know the difference between a traditional shower and a digital shower only when you get one installed in your bathroom. A personalised showerhead presents you with the magic wand to set – and change – the water temperature and pressure to your liking. You’ll simply love this updated lifestyle, and it’ll help you get clean faster, as well. 


Digital Shower Efficient Showering Solution

9. Start the Count Down 

Set a timer on your phone before you hop into the cubicle so that you know if you’ve zoned out whilst lather-rinse-repeating, or better yet, pick a song or two to keep you aware of the fact that time is passing. Shower cubicles are not stasis booths! A morning singalong will also perk you up and get you ready for the busy day ahead. Limiting your shower time will also save water, which is good news for your wallet and the planet. 


Timer Countdown Set to Five Minutes

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