Top 10 Grey Bathroom Ideas

Grey is a colour that not only feels cool and neutral but also looks sophisticated and balanced. This colour is a great choice for bathrooms because it is practical and timeless. Grey looks exquisite in minimalist decors characterised by simple shapes and clean lines. This versatility allows grey to blend perfectly with both contemporary and traditional bathrooms. In this article, we discuss some practical grey bathroom ideas.

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1. Soft simplicity


The Oliver Fitted Furniture and the two mirror cabinets serve as the focal point in this modern bathroom. The large framed window presents a wonderful connection with nature and greenery. The different shades of grey transition smoothly and almost seamlessly. The colours blend well with the white basins and the crisp and simple lines of the fixtures. The vanity units, overhead storage cabinet and mirror cabinets of this grey fitted furniture fit together perfectly as well. The large square floor tiles give the impression that the space is much bigger than it is.

2. Spacious Bathroom


This spacious bathroom uses layers of white and different shades of grey to keep the decor contemporary, classic and timeless. The platinum grey wall and ceiling contrast well with the white ceramic basin and white square toilet. The grey fitted furniture comprises a vanity unit with the worktop of the same colour and a tallboy with open storage space. The dark grey bath panel gives added depth and richness. The three overhanging ceiling lights of different shapes create the perfect accent.

3. Grey and White


Make your bathroom elegant and adorable by using grey and white colours as the theme. When grey is mixed with white, it emphasises the crispness and purity of grey. The texture of the cool grey bathroom walls plays a huge part in the ambience of this ultra-modern bathroom. The floor features an intricate octagonal pattern of square tiles. The colour of the prominent design on the tiles matches the wall colour. This grey and white bathroom idea benefits greatly from the introduction of premium MDF (Medium-Density Fibreboard) and is not restricted to the worktop of the grey fitted furniture.

4. Space Saver


A two-door mirrored cabinet dominates the space. This bathroom also features a simple white two-door vanity for extra storage space and a back-to-wall toilet with concealed cistern. The white vanity with grey MDF worktop blends softly with the small white tiles of the compact backsplash. The grey worktop also complements the grey-coloured sidewalls. The durability and the hard-wearing properties of this bathroom fitted furniture are impressive. This fitted furniture comes with filler panels that ensure a streamlined fit between the bathroom wall and unit.

5. Warm Grey Accents


In this compact bathroom, the dark-grey accents on the worktop, overhead storage unit and outer panels of the tallboy create an inviting space. The shower design is pleasant, allowing the grey tallboy to become the main attraction. Varying tones of white and grey visually combine to make this bathroom appear expansive, negating its narrow dimensions. Three different shades of grey – slate grey, silver grey and platinum grey – combine in stylish ways to create contrasts and highlight specific elements in the bathroom. The room’s bright lighting creates a neutral colour scheme.

6. Total Grey Out


This fully grey bathroom stays on theme as two contrasting shades of grey – slate grey on the sidewalls and dark grey on the backsplash – are used with generous splashes of white. The colour of the worktop of this fitted furniture complements the colour of the backsplash. And the large square tiles on the backsplash accentuate the eye-catching mirror cabinets and wall storage units. You simply cannot go wrong with this white and grey fitted furniture that provides endless amounts of storage space. As the accents are minimal, the bathroom feels sleek and uncluttered.

7. Grey Elegance


You can also use the vanity unit as a beautiful source of colour for your bathroom. This grey gloss vanity unit that features two tallboys, wall storage and a 2-door mirror cabinet stands out even with a lighter shade as the rest of the bathroom decor allows it. The two tallboys – one on either side – with open storage at the centre are perfect accessories that create a symmetrical look. Also, the grey bathroom walls, ceiling and floor coordinate with the grey gloss vanity unit and present a cohesive and continuous appearance.

8. Family-Friendly Bathroom


This family bathroom is fun-loving as well as functional. The lighter shade of grey – Timberwolf grey – on the walls and accent lighting highlight the large round mirror – the focal point of the bathroom. The large rectangular tiles on the floor create a uniform decor. The fitted furniture set features a white ceramic basin, back-to-wall toilet, grey worktop and a base unit for storage, all assembled into one neat unit. The small green plant in a glass bottle on the grey worktop pops against the quiet background.

9. Statement Grey Fitted Furniture


Applying this grey bathroom idea is easy. The grey gloss vanity unit makes a bold statement and it changes everything in your bathroom. The lighter shade of grey on the wall makes the bathroom seem less cold and austere and gives the wall a textured appearance. A dash of powder blue at the base of the back wall allows the grey fitted furniture to be the focal point of the bathroom.

10. Oyster Grey Bathroom

Oyster Grey Bathroom Furniture

This fitted furniture set comprising a tall boy, mirror cabinet and several wall cabinets to provide a superior storage addition to your bathroom is built in a single, neat and tidy unit. Light grey is the main shade in this bathroom with both the back wall and the ceiling being painted in this colour. Oyster grey, the ancillary colour, is used in contrast to the primary colour and adds extra chic to the decor. The two conical overhanging ceiling lights create the perfect accent.

Shop Grey Bathrooms

While grey has been the focus of this article, this colour doesn’t have to be your bathroom’s primary colour. You can instead use grey as an accent colour to bring out the other subtleties or to complement the surroundings. You can associate grey with both informal and conventional elements. That’s the reason this colour combines well with traditional as well as modern interior designs.

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