Why You Should Consider a Second Bathroom

Why You Should Consider a Second Bathroom
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Many of us get by with just one bathroom in our home, regardless of the size of our household or how long the queue is in the morning. Families often have to resort to getting ready for a day at work as well as the school run all at the same time, one in the shower, one on the toilet and the smallest family member perhaps sitting in the sink.

Needs must, but you might not have to live like this forever. We all want privacy sometimes, and the best way to achieve this is by installing a second bathroom in your home.

Investing in a second bathroom can reap a whole host of benefits, and we have outlined a few of the most notable ones below:

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Resale Value

A second bathroom can add 5% on average to the value of your property according to the Nationwide House Price Index. This is as long as it is not at the expense of another important room in the house, so avoid replacing the spare bedroom with an extra bathroom or wetroom unless you desperately require one.


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Allows For a Growing Family

You may currently be living with just a partner, however if you are considering potentially expanding your family then futureproofing your home with a second bathroom can be a sound investment.

It's always better to prepare for such things in advance, as beginning building work in a family home that includes smaller people can be a lot more stressful than planning ahead and making provisions before the fact.


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A downstairs WC can be a revelation to those who have never had the luxury of one before. No more trotting up the stairs every time you wish to relieve yourself or reeling off a seemingly endless list of directions to guests when they politely ask where the toilet is.

The added convenience of your own en-suite bathroom can mean no more tiptoeing down the hallway every time you need to get up for a wee in the night. You could potentially even have space for your own personal shower enclosure, allowing you to get ready in the morning at your own pace without leaving the comfort and privacy of your bedroom.

Having a bathroom for each floor of your home can also improve access for elderly or less able-bodied people, which can hugely relieve stress from your day-to-day life.


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One of the main appeals of investing in an extra bathroom is that you're less likely to have to share with others. After gaining a second suite or WC, the next time you want to relax in the bath at the end of a long week you won't need to live in fear of the banging on the bathroom door followed by shouts of "I NEED THE TOILET!", which is always a bonus.


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Uses Up Space You Might Not Be Using

The cupboard under the stairs, the loft, the strange superfluous cupboard in the bedroom - many homes have random nooks and crannies that don't get much use and end up crammed full of junk gathering dust and cobwebs. Make the most of your home by maximising the potential of these unused areas by investing in something that you will use, even if you only have the space for a cloakroom suite. 

Reduced depth fitted furniture and wall hung sanitaryware can be a fantastic solution for bathroom conversions that lack floor space by maximising the room available without compromising on functionality. There are plenty of space-saving options that can allow you all the benefits of a standard family suite in a smaller space.


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Impresses Guests

And finally, it may be shallow to point this out, but your friends and family will almost definitely be subconsciously impressed by your new bathroom conversion. Home improvement can seem like an indulgence, but such investments are worth the benefits, and the luxury of an extra bathroom is a convenience that everyone can enjoy.