Why You Shouldn't Store Make Up In Your Bathroom

Why You Shouldn't Store Make Up In Your Bathroom
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Women all across the UK tend to apply their makeup products in the bathroom, due to the natural lighting which tends to be better for the application.

If you tend to store your makeup in the bathroom then it may be worth having a rethink. Bacteria moulds and fungi that can grow in cosmetics thrive in moist environments and can cause unpleasant skin reactions. If left long enough in warm and humid conditions they quickly deteriorate, this is why it is not recommended to store makeup in the bathroom.

Makeup should actually be stored in a cool dry place, the ideal temperature is between eight and twelve degrees Celsius. If you like hot showers then keep your makeup well away from the bathroom. Steam from the shower can cause makeup to age. You want to try and extend the life of your makeup products not shorten them, especially when it can cost an arm and a leg to restock your makeup bag.

Natural makeup products that don’t contain any preservatives don’t tend to last very long especially if they are stored with exposure to the air. Creams, lotions and other types of liquid do not tend to keep as well as those with a solid consistency like lipsticks for example. 

What can be stored in the bathroom?

Products that are in sealed packets are always going to keep better than those with direct exposure to the air. Cosmetics such as deodorants, perfume and nail varnish are generally more resilient than natural products due to the fact that they contain alcohol so they are usually okay when stored in the bathroom.

Makeup remover and wipes are okay in the bathroom they can last a long time. Ensure they are sealed up correctly to avoid them drying out. 

Alternative storage tips

Not everyone wears foundation but if you do you’ll know that it is one of the most expensive items in your makeup bag. If you want to make the most out of your current foundation tube then try storing it in the fridge it keeps it fresher for longer.

Lip gloss always preserves well in the refrigerator, perfect if you have summer shades leftover and want to keep them fresh for the following year. Leaving lipsticks in the freezer overnight can kill bacteria and viruses.

Makeup brushes are also pretty pricey so be sure to clean them at least once a week, once they have dried store them in a dry place.

You should try and clean out your makeup bag once a month - storing your makeup for longer than a month will only create a bigger risk of infection. Cleaning your makeup products and accessories during cold and flu season is also important germs can live on your items for the day and if you share makeup then this can become an even bigger issue.

Important notice: Each product is different, always check the label for the manufacturer's storage instructions.