5 Advantages Of Corner Baths

Are you tired of your current Bathtub? Perhaps you're on the lookout for something special? A Corner Bath could be just what you need to transform your space from boring to beautiful. If you're considering purchasing a brand new corner bathtub then take a look at the following advantages that a corner bath has to offer.

1. Space-Savers

Corner baths are becoming a popular feature in many Bathrooms across the UK. A highly functional choice, Corner Baths are an ideal space saving option and can add a touch of class to any bathroom. Currently, there is a wide range of corner baths on the market all ranging in different designs and colours which makes it easy to find the ideal corner bath to add instant appeal to your bathroom. 

2. Maximise Floor Space

Whether you have a small or large bathroom it doesn’t matter corner baths are great for maximising the floor space you have and getting the most out of your bathroom. The placement of corner baths opens up the centre section of the bathroom allowing traffic to move freely throughout the rest of the space. This extra room that is leftover provides more space for standing at sinks, drying off or sitting at dressing tables.

3. Use Less Wall Space

The fact that the bath is situated in the corner of the bathroom leaves more wall space for other bathroom features. You also will have enough space to fit a roof shower over the bath if you wish to do so. This provides an added extra which functionality wise will help you out on those busy mornings when you don’t have time to bathe.

4. Provide You With A Seating Area

Corner baths also provide a useful seating area which also can be used for storage of bathroom essentials. The corner bath can offer the same high standard of comfort and luxury that a whirlpool bath could offer. If you're looking to refresh your bathroom and give it a totally new look then a corner bath can add a touch of beauty and elegance providing a relaxing environment for you to unwind after a stressful day. Personal Spa Corner baths are a spa-like indulgence adding a touch of class to any bathroom. The fact that you can come home to your very own spa-like retreat, fill the tub and sit back and relax is what is most appealing about a corner bath. Corner baths have a way of transforming even the dullest bathroom into a luxury spa that's set to impress.

5. Affordable

The corner bath is becoming a popular and affordable alternative to a whirlpool bath - it’s no secret that a whirlpool tub can be pretty pricey. Although some top of the range designs is expensive, there are cheaper alternatives out there which look just as sleek as a whirlpool styled bath. The range of corner baths is exquisite, available in an array of shapes and sizes to suit a wide range of individual tastes.