What Accessories do I need to Buy along with a Bath?

Bath accessories come in infinite designs. But you need to choose the right ones to add a touch of class to your bathroom. And designing your bathroom is a lot more than simply choosing some panels and taps. You can bring a stunning harmonious look to your bathroom by coordinating bathroom accessory sets. For instance, matching the bath panels, shower panels, shower mixer taps and bath taps will create a breathtaking look with minimal effort. This guide to bath accessories will help you choose the right accessories that match your bathroom décor to perfection.

Bathroom Accessories

Bath accessories are accent pieces that present you an affordable way to give your bathroom a fabulous facelift. Let’s look at the most important ones among these.

1. Bath Shower Screens

A bath shower screen ensures that water remains in the bathing area only. Installing a return bath and shower screen is a great way to keep your bathroom floor spotlessly dry and safe. The options are limitless: straight bath screen, folding bath screen, square bath screen, over bath side panel, hinged bath screen, curved bath screen, and many more. Square bath screens are the cheapest. They come with a 5-year guarantee and cost £69. The best bath screens come with a 10-year guarantee and cost £473. In between this price range, you have several dozen options to pick from.

Different Types of Bath Shower Screens

Different Types of Bath Shower Screens

2. Bath Panels

A bath panel hides the plumbing and underside of your bath. Most bathrooms need only the side bath panel. However, depending on the layout, you may also need the end panel. Panels are carefully designed to bring not only the aesthetic beauty but also practicality and ease of function to your bathroom. Bath panels made of wooden materials are exquisite but expensive (they cost £436). Panels made of acrylic are competently priced. They come with a 5-year guarantee and blend well with your bathroom décor.

Different Types of Bath Panels

Wooden & Acrylic Bath Panels

3. Bath Wastes

A Bath Waste is an important component of your bathtub. This fixture consists of both a stoppable drain as well as an overflow portion that permits the used bath or shower water to drain away to avoid it from overflowing at the top rim. Bath wastes come in a vast range of stylish options and colours that include chrome, brass, gold, contemporary, traditional and modern classic designs. Look for a bath waste that’s not only functional but also matches the other accessories in your bathroom.

Bath Wastes

Bath Wastes

4. Bath Taps

Although Bath Taps are fundamental to any bath installation, they do not have to lack in style. Since they are available in an assortment of stunning traditional and contemporary designs, they are perfect for any setting. Whether you want current chic or period artistry, you can find the right bath tap in our online store. Premium wall mounted bath taps ooze luxury and style. Some of these hard-wearing pieces come with a 10-year guarantee.

Bath Taps

Bath Taps

5. Bath Shower Mixer Taps

A spectacular Bath Shower Mixer Tap can become a focal point in itself. You simply need to make sure it complements the overall style of the other accessories in your bathroom. If your bathroom is too small to accommodate both a bathtub and a separate shower cubicle, installing a bath shower mixer tap is the perfect solution. This marvellous accent piece can transform your bathtub into a fully functional showering space. The available selection is really vast, and you’re assured of finding the right one that matches your budget (price range: £90 to £1340).

Shower Mixer Taps

Different Types of Shower Mixer Taps

Shop Bath Accessories

While you can make your bathroom really fancy with the latest accessories available in the marketplace, the craftsmanship and calibre of your bath accessories determine its the final appearance and finish. You can transform a plain bathroom into an appealing one without breaking the bank. You only need to choose your bath accessories, specifically bath shower screen, bath panel, bath waste, bath tap and bath shower mixer tap carefully.

Bathroom City’s splendid selection of bath accessories offers a wealth of breathtaking traditional and contemporary designs, each supplying distinct styling at the forefront of the current trend.

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