5 Cool Bathroom Apps

5 Cool Bathroom Apps
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Technology is making its presence known in the bathrooms of today, with endless new gadgets being launched to make our bathroom time a bit more entertaining. But you don't need to invest in an entirely new suite to try out some of this new tech – all you need is a smartphone. Here are a few of the free apps available that can enhance your toilet time.


Shower Timer

digital shower timer

Shower Timer is a simple but effective app available on Android to help you make sure you're not spending too much time in the shower, which is especially useful if you're pressed for time in the morning or wary of using all the hot water. You set a length of time for your shower and the app will beep at every minute mark and sound an alarm when your time is up.


Brush DJ

DJ headphones

This NHS-approved app was created by a dentist who believes that the reason people don't take care of their teeth is that brushing is boring. Brush DJ combats this by timing your teeth-brushing whilst playing music selected from your phone's library. As well as 2 minutes of brushing, the app also offers friendly reminders to brush or floss interdentally, to use mouthwash at a different times of day, and when you're due to see your dentist.


Pee Button/Pee Starter

go pee green sticker
toilet spray picture and person

If you're one of those people who find it difficult to start proceedings when using a public lavatory, Pee Button and Pee Starter are two very similar and equally effective apps which are designed to prompt your bladder by playing urination sound effects, easing your nervous bladder into it.



Run Pee move clip board

One of the most annoying things, when you go to the cinema, is needing a wee but not knowing when the best time to go is without missing anything! This fantastic app has been designed to combat that exact problem – regularly updated with all the latest cinematic releases, RunPee's developers tell you what points in the film feature the least plot development so that you know you're not missing anything and offer a short summary for the few minutes you've been out of the screen. Simply choose your film, hit the timer as the titles start, and put your phone into your pocket. When it vibrates, it's safe to pee! After you've slipped out to find a toilet of course.

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