Cloakroom Vanity Unit Ideas for Small Spaces

600mm Black Vanity Unit with Brushed Gold Handles
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A cloakroom is basically a smaller version of a bathroom. The minuscule dimension of a cloakroom can only accommodate a washbasin and toilet. 

Despite the compact dimension, a sleek and minimalist cloakroom vanity unit can present you with the best solution to organise a small toilet room. 

Discussed in this short blog post are some best cloakroom vanity unit ideas.

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Space-Saving Cloakroom Vanities

A vanity unit can enhance both the functionality and appearance of your cloakroom.

Since there’s hardly any space to spare, it’s important that you choose a cloakroom vanity unit that can exploit every inch of the limited space.

The main advantage of a compact vanity is its space-saving design. The dual-purpose washbasin and storage unit also offers immense convenience.

In addition, you can pick from a variety of finishes to complement your cloakroom aesthetic.

Best Cloakroom Vanity Unit Ideas

1. Corner Vanity Units

The L-shaped design of corner basin vanity units fits into unused corners to perfection, maximising usable floor space. These great visual features are available in an assortment of styles, dimensions, and designs to suit your downstairs cloakroom.

Recommended Product:

Celeste Diamond 325mm Buttermilk Cream Vanity Unit with Basin

The Celeste Cloakroom Vanity Unit with Basin (£139) is a pint-sized ceramic basin and solid wood storage cabinet combo unit. You can choose from three types of handles – black, chrome, or gold – for this single-door, 2-shelf unit. 

2. Wall-Hung Vanity Units

Wall-hung vanity units are ideal for tiny downstairs cloakrooms. The unit is secured to the wall and clear off the floor, creating an illusion of spaciousness.

You can choose between door and drawer options, depending on your storage needs. The minimalist design and dimensions of wall-hung vanities make it easy to fit them into the tightest of spaces.

Recommended Product:

600mm Cashmere Wall Hung Vanity Unit with Deep Basin

The single-drawer Chester Traditional Wall-Hung Vanity Unit (£189) is a perfect blend of contemporary design with period-style details. Optional features include gold handles with gold tap.

3. Small Vanity Units

The versatility in the design of small vanity units enables them to be accommodated in the tiniest of cloakrooms. Also, the smaller dimensions of reduced depth units work very well in compact spaces.

Recommended Product:

Fab 500 White Cloakroom Vanity Unit: 2 Doors, Freestanding

The 2-door, freestanding Fab White Cloakroom Vanity Unit (£185) is a popular choice and miniature masterpiece of modern design. Optional features include LED lighting, tap, waste, and bottle trap.

4. Cloakroom Toilet and Sink Units

A cloakroom toilet-and-sink combo unit is a complete smart storage solution, allowing you to make the best use of cloakroom space. These practical and compact units offer a functional space-saving design.

Recommended Products:

Hacienda 400 Cloakroom Suite: Floor Standing Basin Unit & Back to Wall Toilet

1. With its ample storage space, the two-piece Hacienda Cloakroom Suite Floor Standing Basin Unit (£547) is an excellent fit for tight-spaced cloakrooms. 

Depending on the cloakroom dimensions, the two pieces can be installed adjacent to each other along the same wall or facing each other along two walls.


Jivana 400 Cloakroom Suite Grey Vanity Unit & Back to Wall Toilet

2. The slim and stylish Jivana Cloakroom Suite Grey Vanity Basin Unit (£825) blends luxury and contemporary style, adding a touch of class to any cloakroom. The fixtures of the unit – handles, tap, waste, cistern, and flush-plate – are available in three options: gold, chrome, and black.

Shop Cloakroom Vanity Units

Bathroom City’s exclusive collection of single vanity units and cloakroom suites presents you with a wide choice to complete your dream installation, allowing for peace and harmony in your cloakroom. Regardless of the dimensions of your cloakroom, we have you covered. Shop confidently with us today!

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