10 Inspiring Bathroom Furniture Ideas

Wall Hung Vanity Unit with Countertop Basin
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The era of uninspiring bathroom design is long past. 

Original bathroom furniture ideas can give even the dullest of bathrooms a touch of elegance. They can quickly transform the look, feel, and functionality of a bathroom while cleverly maximising storage to keep your essentials organised.

The bathroom furniture ideas discussed here are not only practical, but you’ll also require minimal professional assistance to install the furniture pieces.

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Bathroom Vanity Units

1. Open Shelf Freestanding Vanity Units

A freestanding vanity with an open shelf will create an airy feel and provide space for decorative baskets or towels, blending functionality and aesthetics to perfection.

The installation of open shelving is also simple, as complex fittings or alignments aren’t needed.

Recommended Product:

Jasmine Floor-standing Cashmere Vanity Unit with LED Lights

The strong and dependable Jasmine Floor-standing Cashmere Vanity Unit with LED Lights is made from solid MDF wood. 

The convenient feature of this vanity unit includes two deep drawers with motion-sensor LED lights and soft-closing runners. 

The open shelf below the two drawers makes it easy to locate your items. In addition, the optional features include a black tap and waste.

2. Integrated Lighting Under Wall-Hung Vanity

You can easily install integrated LED lighting underneath a wall-hung vanity.

Depending on the vanity unit you choose, it may take some planning. While the installation is relatively simple for a rectangular-shaped unit, it’s trickier if the vanity is more stylised.

The main advantage of installing integrated LED lighting underneath a wall-hung vanity unit is that it provides safe, reliable night-time lighting.

Under vanity lighting is especially useful if there are young children and older adults in your household.

Recommended Product:

Alani Oak Wall-Hung Vanity Unit

The charming Alani Oak Wall-Hung Vanity Unit is designed to optimise space utilisation.

The value-for-money unit comes with sturdy wall-fixing brackets. The lighting pack includes an LED strip, motion sensor, and transformer.

Your family members and guests will no longer have to grope around in darkness, as the LED light is activated as soon as the bathroom door is opened.

3. Classic Double Sink Vanity Units

A double-sink vanity unit is designed to fulfil the needs of individual family members, providing each one with separate personal space and storage. It can be a huge time-saver, especially during rush hour.

Since a double-sink vanity unit contains two sinks and provides more counter space compared to a normal single-sink vanity unit, it allows two people to get ready simultaneously. 

Combination Products:

Sonix White Double Vanity Unit with Solid Oak Worktop

a. The two luxury sit-on basins of the Sonix White Double Vanity Unit with Solid Oak Worktop and the two optional basin taps add an element of high-end design.

The adhesive feature of the LED lighting strip makes it easy to stick it on the tops of drawers or the underside of the vanity unit, ensuring fast installation.

b. The timeless Forzalaqua Roma Natural Stone Basin Cloudy Marble is a true statement piece. 

The flawlessly round shape of the hand-sculpted twin stone basins will add splendour and sophistication to your bathroom.

Bathroom Storage and Cabinets

4. Space-Saving Bathroom Tallboy Storage

A tallboy is the best storage solution to effectively maximise the wall space in your bathroom.

Tallboys are available in an assortment of aesthetically pleasing styles and designs. Since this fixture takes up minimal wall and floor space but provides generous storage, you can use it to eliminate clutter.

Recommended Product:

Patello Bathroom Tallboy

The immaculate acrylic finish Patello Bathroom Tallboy is designed to be floor-standing or wall-hung. You can also choose the door opening to be either right-hand or left-hand.

The grey unit can complement a range of matching Patello bathroom furniture.

5. Mirrored Cabinet as Additional Storage

A mirrored cabinet is typically installed above the sink or vanity unit, offering a fashionable solution to your storage needs.

Most modern mirrored cabinets are multi-functional, as they serve as an all-in-one unit: a mirror, storage cabinet, and light. 

Combination Products:

Grove Basin and Toilet Combination Vanity Unit

a. The 2-door Grove Mirror Cabinet with Open Shelves provides spacious internal storage. The reversible design unit is supplied fully assembled for quick installation.

b. The space-saving Grove Basin and Toilet Combination Vanity Unit gives you maximum flexibility. The mirrored cabinet and a matching tallboy are optional fixtures.

6. Bathroom Bench with Storage

Comfortable seating is the most overlooked element in a bathroom. And extra storage space could also be useful.  

So, a bathroom bench is the perfect fixture, as it offers both comfortable seating and added storage underneath the seat. In this space, you can keep bath essentials, such as towels, shampoos, shower gels, and lotions.

Recommended Product:

Balto Seating Bench with Storage Shelf

The Bluetooth-enabled Balto Seating Bench with Storage Shelf is available in a variety of colours and surfaces. This bespoke bench features a cushion for comfort and a storage shelf for convenience.

Cloakroom Furniture

7. Stylish Corner Sink Vanity Units

If you consider a typical cloakroom layout, corners are often overlooked. But these spaces are precisely where a corner sink vanity unit can be accommodated to present your cloakroom with a sleek, compact look. 

Additionally, installing a corner sink vanity unit is the best way to add a distinctive touch and personality to your cloakroom.

Recommended Product:

High Gloss White Corner Cabinet and Basin

The space-saving High Gloss White Corner Cabinet and Basin allows you to make optimal use of the spare corner space in your cloakroom. The unit’s single-door storage cupboard has ample storage space.

8. Mini Floating Vanity Units

A mini floating vanity unit can become the focal point of your cloakroom in an instant. Its compact size will demand attention and hold the viewer’s interest longer.  

Recommended Product:

Vault Single Door Wall-Hung Small Bathroom Vanity Unit

The durable Vault Single Door Wall-Hung Small Bathroom Vanity Unit is a fit-and-forget storage addition to your cloakroom. Its minimalistic design will create an illusion of more free space in your cloakroom.

Fitted Bathroom Furniture

9. Versatile Fitted Bathroom Furniture

Adaptability and flexibility are at the core of modular furniture, as these units allow for a versatile and seamless wall-to-wall installation. 

Think of the different fixtures – washbasin, toilet, vanity unit, etc. – as a set of building blocks for your bathroom. Hence, regardless of the dimensions of your bathroom, you can blend these blocks together and match them to fit flawlessly.

Recommended Products:


Oliver Fitted Furniture: Combination Vanity Unit, Toilet & Tall Storage

The Oliver Fitted Furniture: Combination Vanity Unit, Toilet & Tall Storage combines industry wisdom with exceptional craftsmanship.

End panels, fillers, and worktop edging are available as optional extras to complete a wall-to-wall installation.

Modern and Traditional Bathroom Styles

10. Modern Vanity with Vintage Mirror

Contrasting bathroom fixtures add visual interest, as contrast is a vital design element. However, a balanced use of contrast is essential to add variety and visual interest to your bathroom. 

For instance, you could combine a sleek, modern vanity with a vintage mirror for a touch of contrast. 

Combination Products:

Jasmine Black Wall-Hung Vanity Unit

a. The bold floating design of the Jasmine Black Wall-Hung Vanity Unit will maximise space in a small bathroom. Get creative and pair this black fixture with fixtures of a lighter shade for a soothing effect.

b. The striking Burlington Black Aluminium Mirror will make a bold statement in your bathroom. Its traditional design makes it suitable for an array of bathrooms and cloakrooms.

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