How To Prevent And Get Rid Of Mould In The Bathroom

Mould loves bathrooms because it offers perfect conditions. It’s wet, damp and dark at times. It can grow on walls, in baths, showers, carpets, wallpaper, grout, wood, sinks and toilets. The most common causes of bathroom mould are lingering moisture caused by lack of ventilation, leaky toilets, sinks and plumbing pipes, as well as damp cellulose materials.

Find The Mould In Your Bathroom

If you can smell mould but can’t see it, check out hidden areas such as under sinks, toilets and baths, behind doors, in shower fixtures and screen, crawlspaces, exhaust fans, shower curtains etc. It can start unseen in the bathroom then spread to other rooms. Mould is best prevented then treated as it can become a big problem if it starts to spread.

How to Prevent Mould in your Bathroom?

  1. Use a ventilation fan in your bathroom while you shower or bathe and leave it on for 30 minutes following the end of your bath. If you don’t have one, purchase one immediately or leave windows open frequently after showers or baths until you can install one
  2. Keep humidity low by using air conditioning or dehumidifiers, they are best kept below 50%
  3. Use a mildew resistant shower curtain or install a shower screen or enclosure. Clean frequently
  4. Wash your bathroom rugs frequently. Hang up damp towels and bathroom rugs in dry ventilated areas
  5. Clean and dry your bathroom more often, don’t skimp on the places you can’t see
  6. After your shower or bath, wipe off excess water with an old towel or a squeegee so it doesn't get to sink in
  7. Stretch out the shower curtain to its full length and allow it to dry thoroughly
  8. Clean curtains and rugs with sanitising products instead of perfumed
  9. Use gloss paint where possible as this creates a harder surface and mitigates the growth of mould

How to get Rid of Mould?

  1. Strip away and replace any grout or sealant that has mould growth
  2. Clean your bathroom with mould killing products such as bleach, vinegar or hydrogen peroxide. Don’t mix these products as it can be toxic and cause reactions.  Soap and water will not kill the mould
  3. Open doors and windows while cleaning to provide fresh air and to help dry out the mould
  4. Wear protective gloves and coverings while cleaning, do not allow products to have contact with the skin.
  5. Use anti mould sprays with caution, keep areas well ventilated and do not allow children in the bathroom while cleaning.
  6. The best policy is to kill the mould then remove it as the spores could keep bringing it back.

If the mould is creeping onto the walls, you need to call a professional as this could be a long-term problem. If you live in a rented accomodation, make sure to inform your landlord or letting agency to address structural issues with the property.

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