Vanity Ideas That Maximise Your Bathroom Space

Sonix 900mm Grey Wall Hung Unit with Oak Countertop
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The size and layout of your bathroom will play a decisive role when you choose a vanity. Since space comes at a premium in a small bathroom, it’s quite obvious that a compact vanity will complement it the best.

Imagine a practical solution that will maximise your bathroom space and put an end to all your storage woes. This is exactly what we’ll help you with. In this short post, you’ll find some trendy vanity ideas for small bathrooms.

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Types of Small Bathroom Vanities

1. Wall-Mounted Vanity Units

Wall-mounted vanities are also known as floating vanities because they appear to float in the air.

These units are fixed securely on the wall, giving your space a contemporary look. There’s also extra space between the bottom of the vanity and the bathroom floor, creating an illusion of space.

2. Freestanding Vanity Units

Freestanding vanities are essentially cabinet-and-sink combo units that rest on the bathroom floor. Since these units support their own weight, they are made of sturdy and durable materials.

Although they look traditional, these vanities are popular because they are available in an assortment of styles to match your preferences and bathroom décor.

3. Corner Vanity Units

Corner vanity units are specially designed to exploit the limited space in small bathrooms. They fit like a glove into corners, providing an effective storage solution without making concessions on functionality or style.

These units are available in different dimensions and styles, catering to varied aesthetic preferences.

Bathroom Vanity Unit Ideas for Small Bathrooms

1. Shallow-Depth Vanities

Shallow-depth vanities, also known as reduced-depth vanities, provide a great balance of aesthetics and practicality. The ultra-slim dimensions of these units make them a perfect fit for tiny bathrooms.

Recommended Product:

Jivana 400mm Cloakroom Grey Vanity Unit and Basin

The Jivana 400mm Cloakroom Grey Vanity Unit and Basin (Price: £99) enables you to maintain sink and storage functionality while taking up minimal floor space.

2. Open Shelving Vanities

Open shelving vanities are a convenient option, allowing you to add more storage without affecting the functionality. This decorative storage option provides an airy and open feeling to your space.

Recommended Product:

Britton Hackney 500mm Wall-Hung Black Vanity Unit

The Britton Hackney 500mm Wall-Hung Black Vanity Unit (Price: £548) brings contemporary style to your bathroom in a space-saving design.

3. Floating Vanity Units

Floating vanity units have a distinctly different design. With a combination of a wall-hung, sink-and-storage unit and wall-mounted tap, these units free up extra surface area for storage.

Recommended Products:

Akron Oak 600mm Wall-Hung Black Basin Unit

4. Behind-the-Mirror Storage

Behind-the-mirror storage units are equipped with shelves to organise your bathroom essentials in an orderly manner. You can add a touch of elegance to your compact space with this concealed storage option.

Recommended Product:

Pelipal Wall Hung Two Drawer 700mm Vanity Basin Unit

The Pelipal Wall Hung Two Drawer 700mm Vanity Basin Unit (Price: £701) comes with an optional Mirror Cabinet (Price: £522). The cabinet offers four glass shelves for storage.

5. Maximise Vertical Space

A small bathroom shouldn’t limit the potential for storage and aesthetics. You can maximise the available vertical space – i.e. the area that extends upwards from the floor. Slim storage cabinets can be installed in narrow spaces to provide ample storage for bathroom essentials.

Recommended Product:

Pelipal 500mm Cloakroom Wall Hung Vanity Unit

The Pelipal 500mm Cloakroom Wall Hung Vanity Unit (Price: £578) comes with an optional Mirror and Wall Cabinet (Price: £592). The single-door wall cabinet has two glass shelves for extra storage and a worktop cover.

6. Utilise Corner Space

Corner vanity units are huge space-savers. With this unit, you can transform an unused corner in your bathroom into an elegant focal point.

Recommended Product:

High Gloss White Corner Cabinet and Basin

The space-saving High Gloss White Corner Cabinet and Basin (Price: £239) enables you to utilise a dead corner in your bathroom, blending function and style.

7. Combination Basin & Toilet Unit

A combination basin and toilet unit is fashionable and practical, harmonising beauty and convenience. The stylish vanity and toilet unit presents your bathroom with a polished appearance, taking up minimal space.

Recommended Product:

Oliver 800mm Fitted Cloakroom Furniture

The durable Oliver 800mm Fitted Cloakroom Furniture with fixtures and fittings in brushed gold is a statement piece that can add personality to your bathroom.

8. Classic Wall-Hung Vanity Unit

A classic wall-hung vanity unit keeps the floor clear, making your bathroom appear larger. Since this unit is fixed to the wall, it presents your bathroom with a clean and modern look.

Recommended Product:

Chester Traditional 600mm Wall-Hung Vanity Unit

The Chester Traditional 600mm Wall-Hung Vanity Unit can bring period-style luxury to your bathroom, producing seamless visual appeal.

Double Vanities in Small Bathrooms

A double vanity unit can be installed in a small bathroom only if there is sufficient space. The most important consideration is that the installation should not result in a space crunch.

Measure the dimensions of your bathroom accurately and determine if one can be accommodated. Ensure there will be sufficient space to open/close the doors of the vanity unit and use other bathroom fixtures, such as the toilet and shower enclosure.

Recommended Product:

Jivana 1200mm Wall-Hung White Double Vanity Unit

The space-efficient Jivana 1200mm Wall-Hung White Double Vanity Unit can be an eye-catching centrepiece in your bathroom.

Shop Vanity Units for Small Bathrooms

Opt for a lasting solution that maximises your bathroom space. At Bathroom City, you’ll find vanity units of varied dimensions and colours. Browse our bathroom furniture sale and check out our wide range of stylishly designed vanity units. Or, visit our showroom and speak to our friendly sales staff.

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