Bath Or Shower? The Better Alternative

Most of us are suckers for a good bubble bath, as it’s relaxing and simply irresistible. Unfortunately, a relaxing bath is time-consuming. And a leisurely bath is the last thing on your mind when you’re time-poor, which is the reality on most days. 

A shower is much quicker than a bath and takes a lot less time. That’s because unlike soaking in a bathtub filled with water during a bath, you only shower water on yourself. A shower is easy, fast and helps you get ready in a jiffy.  

In this blog post, we’ll take a quick look at the pros and cons of both a bath and a shower. We’ll also consider the benefits of the best alternative: a shower bath

Bath Versus Shower: Which One Should You Choose? 

Let’s consider the pros and cons of a bath first. 


Pros of a Bath: 

  1. A bath lowers your blood pressure, offering protection to your cardiac muscles. So, regular baths improve your heart health.
  2. A bath is a great stress reliever. A protracted bath releases endorphins – the feel-good hormones – into your bloodstream. And stress that has accumulated in your system right through the day simply melts away. 
  3. A bath is good for your skin, depending on the additive you put in the bathwater. Bath time ingredients that can replenish your skin include essential oils, honey, oatmeal, bath bombs, mineral salts, etc. 
  4. A bath can lower your blood sugar level. If you’ve been advised by your doctor to keep an eye on your blood sugar level, then a hot bath is an effective option to lower it. 
  5. A bath is just as clean as a shower. A shower is better than a bath when you’re drenched in sweat, or you’re really dirty from strenuous exercise or being outdoors, whereas a bath can get you just as clean on a normal day when dirt and grime are not major considerations.

Cons of a Bath: 

  1. A bath is time-consuming. Unlike a shower where you turn On the knob and start showering in an instant, a bath takes time. You need to fill up the bathtub and ensure that the water temperature is right before you get in. And after you get in, you tend to forget the world and time flies.
  2. A bath consumes a lot of water. Unlike a shower where you can control the water consumption by turning off the water when you’re applying soap on your body, you’ll need to fill up the bathtub before you start washing yourself.
  3. A bathtub occupies more space in your bathroom compared to a showering unit. And it can be a real challenge to install a bathtub in most ultra-small modern bathrooms.
  4. The dirt and grime from your body float on the bath water and will remain on its surface. This is a real concern, especially after a session of strenuous exercise or after a long, exhausting day. And the only way you can overcome this issue is you will need to take a quick shower before you step inside the bathtub.
  5. People with mobility issues and the elderly may have difficulties using a bath. Stepping in and climbing out of a bath is more challenging than stepping in and out of a shower enclosure, especially for people with mobility issues and the elderly.

(All the cons of a bath detailed above are automatically the pros of a shower.)

An Alternative – The Best of Both Worlds: A Shower Bath 

a. What Is a Shower Bath? 

A shower bath is really a bathtub and showering unit combo. In many countries, households with families prefer a shower/tub combination over a separate bathtub and a separate showering unit, as this new design takes up considerably less space in their bathroom. 

The fast-paced life of the internet age has made those long, relaxing baths almost redundant, at least on busy weekdays. It’s this busy lifestyle that has resulted in the design and manufacture of L-shaped and P-shaped shower baths. A shower bath allows you to experience the best of both worlds – you can shower quickly and get ready fast on weekdays, and you can enjoy a long, pleasant bath on weekends.  


b. Why Should You Invest in a Shower Bath? 

A shower bath allows you to take a hasty shower and get ready quickly at the beginning of your day. And you can end your long day with a pleasurable bath. Also, the clever design of a shower bath permits you to maximize the space in your bathroom. So, if you want to have both a tub and shower in your bathroom, but there’s no space to install them separately, it’s time for you to invest in a shower bath.  

A shower/tub combo takes a lot less space than a separate bathtub and a separate showering unit. And as a shower bath integrates well with a sliding bath screen, you can minimize – or even eliminate – leaking and splashing. A sliding bath screen will help you transform a P-shaped shower bath into a shower enclosure. And an L-shaped shower bath is the ideal standard for bathing young children.  

c. Where Can You Buy Shower Baths?

Bathroom City stocks an assortment of L-Shaped, P-Shaped and corner shower baths that cater to a wide range of preferences. You can find both traditional and modern designs. And you can select the ideal one, depending on the dimensions and shape of your bathroom. The perfect shower bath is one that matches the rest of the decor in your traditional or modern bathroom and adds elegance, luxury and style. And we have designs that we’re sure will fit your preferences and suit your lifestyle. 

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