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A Guide to Bathroom Lighting





Always provide adequate lighting around the vanity mirror, it is important you have enough light to do all the different tasks you may do in front of the mirror. Task lighting is essential.

Always use a ceiling fixture for general lighting; it is no longer the main source of light for the whole room. It provides general lighting for the whole room and also serves an important safety function by lighting up the floor and allowing safe access.

Always eliminate shadows in work areas, if you put on makeup in shadowy light, it will not turn out as expected. Lighting above the mirror will create shadows around your chin, nose and eyes so you might apply more makeup and lose the natural look.

Always use halogen lighting wherever possible, they last three times longer than normal lights and provide the most accurate lighting. They make sure your skin tone is truly represented in the mirror.

Always find energy efficient ways to increase bathroom lighting such as having a clear shower screen or having windows in the bathroom. 


Never use a recessed light fixture above the vanity mirror, a single light shining down on you will create all kinds of shadows on your face, making it difficult to do anything right in terms of makeup or hairstyling.

Never try to get by with less lighting, having adequate lighting is extremely important as it decides how you’ll look every day. It is better to have too much light and install dimmer switches to lower the intensity.

Never put freestanding lamps near the sink or bathtub, you never know when an accident will happen and this could cause a lethal shock.