Heated Towel Rails Warm The Coldest of Bathrooms.

What is this trending craze where people buy towel racks that are heating up their bathroom towels? If you ask us it sounds like a good reason to take a shower and actually enjoy getting out. Nothing compares to the freshly warmed towel when you exit a shower it's pure bliss.

Taking the brunt of the cold air after a shower is not the most comfortable experience and can be avoided by installing a heated towel rack to help preheat your bathroom towels.


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What do Heated Towel Rails do?

The towel rail is used to heat up and in some cases dry the towel. The reason that these are so popular is that of the warmth factor. Take this scenario, for example, you have the most relaxing shower and step out into the chilly room temperatures. This ends the euphoric feeling of your shower with an abrupt slap to the face. Your rejuvenating shower has just been ruined and now you are miserable.

Now we play that scenario out with a heated towel warmer rail installed. You finish your toasty warm shower and step out into your bathroom. You reach for your towel and it’s producing a toasty warmth that comforts and caresses your naked body. There is nothing but relaxation and warm feelings. Does that sound more enjoyable than a cold slap to the face? If you answered yes then take a look at this page we offer the best prices on towel rails.

The towel racks heat up the towels to produce a warm towel ready to wrap around you after a shower. Other uses for the towel rails are to dry towels or clothing indoors. You can put damp wet towels or clothing on the heated rails to dry them. This multi-function rail system is perfect for indoors and improving the quality of your showering experience.

Who buys these heated towel rails?

Everyone can buy a heated towel rail, these are not restricted to celebrities or the Wayne Rooney’s of the world. Our towel rails are affordable and priced for the average family to take advantage.

Can you put a price on improving your morning or evening shower quality? Not if you are like us and enjoy showering with a warm towel off. Nothing comes close to having a warm shower followed by using a freshly heated towel to wipe down. Relaxing to the max, the feeling after a shower is enjoyable, to say the least.

Types of Heated Towel Racks

If we only offered one style of heated towel rail it would be an injustice. With a number of electric towel racks on offer in our store, it's worth looking around. Here are some of the more popular styles of heated towel rails in stock:

  • Freestanding Towel Warmers
  • Hardwired Towel Warmers
  • Electric Towel Dryers
  • Bathroom Radiators with Towel Rails
  • Wall Mounted Towel Rails
  • Heated Towel Rails
  • Curved Towel Rails
  • Black Finish Towel Rails
  • White Finish Towel rails

There are many choices when it comes to bathroom heated towel rail selection. The questions you should ask yourself when considering to buy a towel heater rail is what type do I want.

Are you just a bit fancy? Look at curved towel rails or white finish towel rails.

Are you stylish beyond belief? Look at the black finish towel rail.

Do you have a young family? Look at the wall-mounted towel rails or hardwired towel rails.

Do you have a stylish bathroom already? Look at the freestanding towel warmer.

Do you suffer the cold like no other? Look at the bathroom radiator with towel rail built on.

Once you know the type of heated towel rack that you will fit in with your existing bathroom theme you can move to the selection phase.

Selecting Your Heated Towel Rail

The type of towel rack you want is clear but how do you know what towel warmer fits your budget and your needs. You can take the easy road and ask one of our customer service representatives when in store. You might like to work it out on your own, then you need to explore our range of towel warmers

Should you plan on having the towel warmer fitted to the wall or rising up from the floor. With freestanding towel racks, you have a choice and need to ask yourself these questions.

Do I want my towel warmer to be;

  1. Freestanding
  2. Fixed Fitting

Now we know if it's fixed or freestanding we can work out the style of towel warmer.

Take into account if your choice was freestanding its best to position the towel warmer near the shower. You will be limited with freestanding as the heating rack will need a power source.

Fixed fitting heated rails are by far the most popular choice and very common for the simple fact that they sit nicely against the wall. Always plan your heated towel rail to be placed in a position that is close to the shower, this is to get the most from the towel rail heat system.

Read about what heated towel warmers were our store best sellers down below.

Are Heated Towel Rails Worth the Investment?

Our vote counts is a leading seller of heated towel rails. Conducting an internal poll, we discovered that staff members were all agreed that yes the investment is worth it. If you can’t take our word for it then whose word can you take?

The towel warmers are worth the initial investment. It's one of those things that the first time you use them all doubts will be washed away. It takes just one chilly morning to get the full picture and realise that you need a towel warmer rack in your life.

Wall towel racks with cabinets can increase storage space and provide heated towels. A smart homeowner would see the benefits of added storage and warmth in the bathroom, going for the double whammy.

Let’s look at power consumption when running the towel rails. You can buy timers that work with your heat rail to reduce run time and reduce costs. Measuring the power consumption with gas supplied rails use BTU’s or British Thermal Units to measure usage.

Do you want to run one of these heat rack systems;

  • Electric Towel Rails
  • Gas Supplied Towel Rails

Once you have selected the type of power source for your towel rack it’s easy to work out the rough estimate of consumption. Larger bathrooms or bathrooms with multiple windows can reduce the heating quality of the towel heater rack. Taking into account the size of the bathroom and the extra factors you can judge how many BTU’s you will use.

If you don’t have the slightest clue what BTU’s you will consume by using a heated towel rail we are just on the other end of the phone, call us for expert assistance.

Pro Tip: If you have multiple bathrooms or en-suites and use towel rails, remember to double the estimated usage. Simple tip but we find many people with multiple heat rails don’t multiply the power estimates.

Does This Affect the Towel Quality?

Your towels are not toasted, each time you heat the towel it warms up and provides you with a toasty feeling when using it. The towel doesn’t burn or get crusty if you continue to heat the towel rail while it's on the holding rack.

Every modern bathroom should include a luxurious towel heater to pamper after every shower.

The popularity of different towel warmer racks depends on the look of the heating rail. We must admit that it makes little sense to splurge on a heating rack for towels as the towel will be covering the rail most of the time. As we quickly learned in the first months of selling designer heated towel rails that it's all about the look.

Black Towel Rails outperformed all other styles of towel rails with the ultra chic look and sleek black minimalistic appeal. Nothing is sexier in the bathroom than black finishing’s to see our exclusive range of black towel rails visit here

White Heated Towel Rails came in as the second best seller and provides an alternative looking white towel rail that really stands out in the bathroom. You can visit our range of white heated towel rails here. 

Curved Towel Rails were, surprisingly, the third best seller in the store is our in-store approved curved towel rails heating up your towels and defying gravity. To see our gravity-defying range of curved towel rails visit them here [add product best seller link].

Would you like to see the best towel warmer 2016 voted by our, in-store sales team? Click here to see 2016’s voted the best towel warmer. [add the product you want to sell in the last phrase]

If you own an electric towel drying rack and want to weigh in on our best-heated towel rail 2017 review please visit our contact page and tell what you consider the best towel warmers for 2017 help us select the winner.

Installing Your New Towel Rail

When it comes time to install your new heated towel rack system, we can guide you on a professional installation service provider.

If you have either the electric or gas supplied systems, we recommend using a professional installer. We can provide a list of trusted service professionals at the purchase checkout. Before leaving the store just ask one of the customer service superstars for some assistance with the installation process. It takes two seconds and we will have you set up with a trusted installer.

The next step in the process is having the heating towel rail installed. Make sure you quote Bathroom City as your place of purchase when speaking to the installation service provider.

What Should You Do Next?

Firstly, we suggest that you stand back and marvel at your recent purchase and thank us later.

The only real advice we can give you is to take it for a test drive. For the best results use the heating racks in the mornings with your shower. Just before you hop into the shower turn on the heating for the rail and enjoy your shower. When it comes time to get out from the shower just reach out and grab your fresh toasty towel and wrap yourself in the warmth.

Enjoy the cold mornings on our account in style.

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