Everything You Need To Know About Designer Bathroom Radiators

Are you the type of person who enjoys a good life? Then, creating a comfortable and functional bathroom is the perfect way to getting one step closer to that life of luxury. 

How comfortable is your bathroom? If it isn't the most relaxing, there's perhaps a good reason to think about creating a stylish and memorable bathroom space. 

Firstly, why should you consider buying a designer radiator for your bathroom? The average person would be happy with a generic standard bathroom radiator. That’s a no-brainer. The top 3 places where people do their deepest thinking and have their most productive thoughts are: 

  1. In the Shower 
  2. Driving in the Car 
  3. While Walking Outdoors 

Did not the most famous "Aha!" moment in history – the discovery of Archimedes’ principles of density and buoyancy – occur in a bathtub? 

So, adding a designer radiator to your bathroom adds more of a creative push, than using a generic standard radiator. Sure, you can add a steering wheel grip to your car or a top of the line stereo system. But why not spare a thought to energise your bathroom space? 

You enter the bathroom a number of times during any given day. Hence, it makes a lot of sense to use the space to create an uber-stylish theme that gives you a positive atmosphere to live in. It’s been recorded that a personalised bathroom can help improve the overall mood of the occupant. The connection to choosing bathroom appliances that pique the interest of the owner gives a subliminal connection each time the owner enters the room. The smallest thing can trigger a subconscious reaction in your mind. You don’t even need to directly notice the appliance. 

Why Purchase a Designer Radiator? 

You should say, Why not? The cost is not absurd, and the features and functionality are much more than what a generic radiator offers. You can choose from a selection of designs that meet your inspirational needs. 

Value for money is the number one reason you should purchase a designer radiator. We see customers in the store do the maths and work out the amount they save overall. They see the benefits and decide to go one up and purchase one of our stunning designer radiators with the money they will be saving. 

Is a Designer Bathroom Radiator an Affordable Luxury? 

Pamper yourself and your family. Taking into account that we live in a very cold part of the world, using a heating system to warm the bathroom is a smart investment. You will find that the bathroom is not a friendly place when you shower in the early hours or on chilly nights. Imagine putting your bare feet on the cold tiles. Then, running the cold shower water for those agonising seconds until it is bearable to the naked flesh isn’t any fun. This all doesn’t sound very glamorous, does it? Obviously, this is not the best way to enjoy showering. 

A designer bathroom radiator is, without a doubt, an affordable luxury as the cost of production has dropped and that allows for a reduction in sale prices. What once was reserved for the five-star hotels is now accessible to every homeowner and business owner. Looking at the bigger picture, the money you save from installing a radiator heat system outweighs the initial investment. 

The savings grow over the year, and the return on investment is there. Why continue being cold and miserable in the chilly mornings just to save on a heating bill? 

Adding our stylish designer radiators to your bathroom gives much more than just a warm showering experience. Some radiators will even warm your towels. Making the purchase decision will be so much easier when you consider the money you save over the years while the radiator will still remain a joy in your bathroom.

How Can You Enjoy Showering? 

To truly enjoy every aspect of using a bathroom and shower, you can add a radiator heat system. Step it up a notch and buy a designer radiator system to spice up the ambiance of your bathroom. 

Taking the above scenario involving the cold tiles into account, let’s play it back but now using a bathroom radiator system. For this instance, we have set a timer to schedule the warming of the bathroom area. Imagine waking up in the morning and heading to the shower to begin your day. You enter the bathroom and place your bare feet on the already warmed bathroom tiles. Then, you begin to run the water in the shower but do not need to wait out those agonizing seconds for the water to become bearable, as you can enjoy warmth much sooner. Getting out of the shower back onto the warm tiles is certainly more pleasant compared to stepping on cold tiles. Standing in the bathroom without a towel on during the coldest parts of the day is very unpleasant. And the number one reason you should buy a radiator heating system is to avoid this situation. 

To pamper your household with some toasty warmth in the coldest parts of the day is money well spent. Escape the misery and welcome the trips to the warmth. The beginning of blissful days is indeed creating a luxurious bathroom that functions as a bathroom. 

What Casing Will the Designer Radiators Come In? 

Our collection includes an impressive selection of heating solutions for all bathroom sizes. Whatever size you have in mind, our bathroom heating appliances will suit you. We do not create custom designs, but if you cannot find a designer radiator style that you like, please speak to our customer service representatives for recommendations. 

A designer radiator can help you create a unique home atmosphere, making your home suit you and reflect your natural characteristics. While taking the time to showcase their own internal flair for creativeness comes easy to some, others choose stylish furniture and appliances to show their unique tastes. Designer radiators are no different. The opportunity to custom theme your bathroom space should not be overlooked. 

Why Should You Theme Your Bathroom? 

The mind conjures its greatest thoughts while in the bathroom. So, creating a section of your house that allows you to escape reality – even momentarily – allows for rejuvenation. And having an area that provides this retreat encourages the world-changing ideas of great minds. 

Having an ambience that flows through your bathroom space not only rejuvenates but also provides comfort. Let’s face it. When you shower, you are confronted with the most revealing image of yourself, and having an area that makes you comfortable helps. 

The theme of your bathroom can flow through the household into other rooms. Renovators make a living helping people change the way that their house theme moves. 

Most people seek solace in the bathroom and have thoughts that are deep and will transform their day's proceedings. 

The Most Popular Types of Designer Radiators Available Are: 

  • Aluminium Radiators 
  • Cast Iron Radiators 
  • Chrome Radiators 
  • Column Radiators 
  • Compact Radiators 
  • Electric radiators 
  • Flat Panel Radiators 
  • Horizontal Radiators 
  • Mirrored Radiators 
  • Seat Radiators 
  • Stainless Steel Radiators 
  • Vertical Radiators 


Aluminium Radiators: 

Aluminium radiators are lightweight, easy to install and they heat up super fast. They are popular with our buyers in residential homes. 

Cast Iron Radiators: 

The cast iron radiator is a memorable design that exudes style. You can expect this showpiece to drastically add to the room’s design and stand out. Although this radiator warms up slowly, it produces substantial heating. We recommend getting these types of radiators checked once every 12 months. They are solid and reliable systems when serviced regularly. 

Chrome Radiators: 

A chrome radiator achieves a radiant shine that other radiators simply cannot. The more the number of layers of chrome plating, the better the radiator will be.   

Column Radiators: 

A stalwart in bathroom heating, these designer column radiators provide the benchmark for bathroom heating style. This radiator is simple and symmetrical. 

Compact Radiators: 

Looking for something powerful but not so noticeable? Then, the compact radiator is the perfect choice as it provides a heating experience with a punch. These radiator styles are best used with smaller apartment-style bathrooms, reducing the overall space required for the compact design install. 

Electric Radiators: 

An electric radiator is 100% energy efficient, as the energy wastage is zero. The slim profile of this radiator makes it suitable for any contemporary home. This wall mountable or free-standing radiator needs no maintenance as there is no pipe work in its design. 

Flat Panel Radiators: 

A flat panel radiator is a renovator’s dream, creating a stylish addition to any room. They do the job perfectly and leave a lasting impression. Flat panel radiators can be used in any number of ways. 

Horizontal Radiators: 

A horizontal radiator is not your everyday design. It certainly provides something different that will turn heads. These radiators complement every bathroom design, and they can also help with compact spaces and area restrictions. 

Mirrored Radiators: 

A mirrored radiator is the latest in style, providing a touch of class to your bathroom. Expect guests to make a comment when they have the pleasure of using your bathroom with mirrored radiators installed. 

Seat Radiators: 

A seat radiator is a stylish, safe and efficient heating solution. This radiator maximises the power used to provide heat while minimising energy wastage.Shape 

Stainless Steel Radiators: 

These sleek designed stainless steel radiators are popular choices with hotels, resorts and renovations. The ease of bending and twisting into alluring shapes proves popular with designers. Long-standing as a popular design, stainless steel will never go out of fashion. 

Vertical Radiators: 

A very popular design is the vertical radiator standing tall and screaming to be noticed. Designer vertical radiators make statements. It’s hard to not notice our vertical radiators. 

The end result is that when you install any of our designer radiators, you will be adding value to the bathroom experience for your guests and ultimately yourself. If a design style is not listed above and you want to enquire to see if it is available, please contact us for a more in-depth consultation. 

Our designer radiators don’t break the bank, as we provide affordable online prices and the largest range. 

Steps for Selecting the Right Designer Bathroom Radiator 

The key to selecting a designer radiator that complements your bathroom space is knowing your bathroom. You should intimately know your bathroom space and whether you prefer a theme that is modern or retro. 
Once you know the design and theme, you can progress to the selection stage for your designer radiator purchase. Arm yourself with this key knowledge before you start enquiring about purchasing a designer radiator. 

Next, identify your budget. The price tag on a designer radiator differs from a generic radiator but not as much as you might think. Your designer radiator should fit into your budget and fall within the theme of your bathroom space. 

There are some universal designs that work with most bathroom themes. These universal designs will fit the theme but might require you to purchase some additional appliances. Mainly these additional bathroom appliances will be pattern and design relevant to the new designer radiator. Theme reoccurrence is not vital but breaking up your bathroom design is not what your radiator design should do. The new radiator design should work with your existing theme. 

Finding a magnificent design is a tough process. When you see it, you will know it. One funny occurrence we notice is that all the planning in the world can be thrown out once you find a design that you like. Seeing couples and renovators come in with plans of their desired design and then changing designs after browsing the store is a common occurrence. 

Pro Tip: Create a list of 3 to 6 radiator designs that you like. Having backups makes the process easier. 

Set on a style of the designer radiator but not a design of the radiator. One of the main forks in the road is the design of the actual radiator. They all look so nice and do nearly the same things, so choosing a radiator based on design holds up the buying process for many people. This is completely normal and often takes two looks at a design style before the choice is made. With such an extensive range of designer radiators, we know you can be overwhelmed by choice. When it comes time to select a designer radiator, ask for help from our customer service superstars and they can recommend a third party suggestion. 

Judging the Performance of Designer Radiators 

The performance of designer radiators as a whole cannot be judged. To judge a designer radiator, you have to drill into the make and model to get the specifics. The questions are like asking how long a piece of string is. For the answer, drill down into what style and design you like and compare designer over generic. 

The designer radiator ranges not only work like charms; they also look amazing. Each designer radiator will come with its own features. In most cases, they offer slightly more features than the generic radiators. The highlight of buying a stylishly designed radiator is the look and display features of the radiator. 

There are some features that create more energy-efficient use, and several have a power-saving function. The answer is it varies. Some of the designer products do outperform, and some are very similar to the generic range but are much nicer looking. These efficient designs provide effective heat output that warms your bathroom as intended and does it in style. 

Electric Radiators: A Popular Choice 

Look at your existing heating system, and this will give you an indication if you should go electric or not. If you have an existing central home heating system built-in, then going for electric radiator systems is a simple process. 

When you do not have a pre-existing central heating system, there is some installation required and it can be quite technical. Speak to the in-store customer service assistants to get more information and our recommendations on what to do. 

The general consensus from us is that Electric Radiators are the easiest way to go. 

Where Does My Designer Radiator System Need to Be Installed? 

The time when all bathroom radiators had to be installed underneath a window has long passed. The truth is for most radiator systems – designer ones included – they work at their optimum in the coolest part of the room. 

The idea behind buying designer radiators is that you are creating a unique design for your bathroom. This allows you to have complete control over where things go and how they look. Taking the advice of the installation team, of course, you can place the radiator anywhere. Create a place that makes you most comfortable. Choose from our different radiator styles to find a radiator heat system that will work with the bathroom space that you have available. 

Get creative and really push the boundaries when designing your bathroom. We have designer products for all bathroom needs. That’s the reason we are called Bathroom City. 

Interior Bathroom Designer Accessories 

Purchasing a designer radiator shouldn’t be the only designer product that you think about installing. Take the time to reflect on your new purchase. Then, look at our wider range of designer products. The opportunity to completely theme your bathroom is there, and we can help you create a place that is your refuge. The impact of the smallest addition can add to the ambience of the space. Custom fittings and designer appliances add unique ownership to your bathroom space. 

The selection process for purchasing your new designer radiator has just become much clearer and streamlined. Important tips we covered were to look for: 

  • What You Have At Home 
  • Your Budget
  • What Radiator Style You Like 
  • What Radiator Design Do You Prefer 

Looking for style and function combined with your budget and existing bathroom space will help you work out the winning radiator product. 

Now that you have a good understanding of the process of selecting designer radiators, please take the time to check out our range of stylishly designed radiators. Or, if you are thinking of visiting in-store, speak to one of our helpful customer service representatives.