How to heat your bathroom

If you've experienced the ever-changing British weather, you’ll know that 90% of the time we don’t really know where we stand. After a few years of barely having a summer, this year we finally had a few consistent days of glowing sun and mild temperatures (let’s not go overboard). But after years of disappointment, running outside in swimming trunks at the glimpse of the first ray of sunlight, many of us daren’t begin to embrace the warm weather with fear that it would disappear as quickly as it came. Unfortunately, this is a regular occurrence for British residents, so always having warm clothing and heating at hand is an integral part of our lifestyle. Potentially one of the coldest rooms in the household is the bathroom. Acrylic, brass and pottery seem to exude a cooling quality that is particularly chilly during the winter months. As we’re now in autumn and with winter just around the corner, we thought it necessary to suggest some great solutions to bathroom heating that can transform your suite into a cosy retreat.

Heating in Smaller Suites

The modern bathroom comes in many shapes and sizes and in turn, the bathroom features you choose to install are affected by the space available. If heating is an afterthought, you may have already packed a small space with all the furniture and sanitary-ware you require for maximum functionality, leaving little room to add a substantial heating solution. Fear not! There is a solution to even the most compact bathroom spaces and one of the best ways to save on floor space is a wall hung heated towel rail. A towel rail is a stylish heating solution that sits flush against the wall without taking up to much space. As well as heating the bathroom, the flat towel warmer also provides a home for your towels, saving even more space.

Heating in Large Suites

As you already know, heating a large suite can take a little more than a cleverly positioned towel warmer and may require a radiator for a superior heat output. If you are catering for a large family bathroom and have ample space for a large stylish radiator installation is the perfect solution, with its timeless design. There are a huge range of floor mounted designs on offer, both traditional and contemporary, each oozing unique styling and supreme functionality.

Electric Heaters

When traditional methods of installation are not available, investing in an electric heater is a great way to heat your bathroom that is both practical and stylish. With plenty of electric heaters on offer, you can easily find a heating solution that suits both small and large bathroom suites in traditional and contemporary styles. Also, a heating element can be added to an installation to convert electricity to heat, ideal for towel ladders. By choosing the right heating installation for your bathroom suite, large or small, you can successfully create a warm ambience that is both practical and stylish.