Simple Ways To Modernise Your Fitted Bathroom Furniture

One problem people often find with having fitted bathroom furniture installed is that it can often be costly and a lengthy process to modernise the look and feel of the bathroom. After living in a home for so long you tend to want to make some changes, particularly if your furniture is out-dated or doesn’t entirely suit your tastes now.

However, not everybody has the money to buy a new fitted bathroom furniture set or has the time to rip out the old one to replace it with the new. The concept that modernising your fitted bathroom furniture has to be a costly and lengthy process is a myth, there are plenty of quicker, easier and cheaper ways to re-vamp that bathroom to give it a more modern look. And we are here to prove it, here are some simple ways to modernise your fitted bathroom furniture:

Change The Flooring

Being in constant use, the floor of your bathroom can start to look old and used and it might be this that is bringing down the overall appearance of the room. By changing the flooring in your bathroom you can completely change the way the room looks and feels.

If you have carpet, why not consider pulling it up and using vinyl to cover your bathroom floor instead, if you have a tiled flooring remove the old tiles and replace them with either new tiles or the cheaper alternative of vinyl.


The overall feel of your bathroom can be completely transformed by the tiles on your walls, changing the colour and pattern of these tiles can give your bathroom a totally different and fresh look. You can remove the old tiles and replace them with new ones without damaging or even having to remove your fitted bathroom furniture.

If your bathroom is part-tiled, why not consider tiling the entire room? And if your current tiles are plain and ordinary why not go for a change and choose patterned or uniquely shaped tiles?

Buy New Taps

You don’t have to purchase an entire bathroom suite to give your bathroom the re-vamp you think it so desperately requires. All you need to do is change the taps, this small change can make a massive impact to both how the room looks and how much you enjoy using it. Buying taps that are modern in style can bring the feel of your bathroom into the modern era.

Consider How Much Of Your Fitted Bathroom Furniture You Need

A modern bathroom is all about minimalism, this means having everything in storage and very little on display, while also having as little storage as possible to take up the precious bathroom space. Finding the balance can be quite difficult.

The first sort through the things you store in your bathroom and get rid of anything that you do not need, do not use, has expired or has been rendered unusable. Now you know how much you need to store you can ascertain your storage options to determine whether you actually need all of the fitted bathroom furniture you have installed. If you find that you have more storage space than you need, why not remove one or two of the furniture units to create a little more floor space.

Buy A New Shower, Basin Or Bath

You don’t have to buy everything, but just adding one new bathroom appliance can liven up the room, even making it look like you have changed the entire bathroom suite. When making the change to a new appliance, why not consider buying something a little different, perhaps something in a unique shape.

There are alternatives that you can do that will save you even less money, for example, instead of replacing your tiles you can buy tile paint to cover them. A simple white will make your tiles and the grouting looks brand new. Equally, you could re-stain any wooden furniture and re-paint the walls to give your bathroom a fresher look.

By following this guide you can revamp your entire room, and if you can’t afford to do it all in one go, you can do it in stages.