Top 5 Small Vanity Units

Top 5 Small Vanity Units
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Created to make your bathroom more space-efficient, Small Vanity Units are a very popular choice among buyers. Small Vanity Units are like normal Vanity Units which are simply wash sinks (also referred to as basins), with a cupboard underneath. These vanity units are designed to fit in small spaces and to give you ample storage for a compact bathroom. It could benefit you if you have a small bathroom, that is currently cluttered, or if you need some space-saving storage. Read on for Bathroom City’s top picks for Small Vanity Units

Our Top Picks for Small Vanity Units

Alani 600 Navy Blue Wall Hung Vanity Unit

"Modern Elegance in a Compact Package: The Alani 600mm Navy Blue Vanity Unit"

Ideal for contemporary spaces, this 600mm vanity unit combines style and functionality. Its sleek navy blue finish and double-drawer design offer ample storage without cluttering your space. The drawers feature soft-closing mechanisms for a touch of luxury and quiet convenience. With a durable ceramic sink and a customizable tap ledge, this unit is both chic and practical. The contrasting light oak countertop adds warmth, while optional gold, chrome, or black handles and legs allow for personalization. At only £418, this vanity unit is a stylish solution for modern bathrooms. Click here to explore more about this compact yet luxurious vanity unit.

Alani 600 navy blue vanity unit


Patello Small Vanity Unit

An excellent modern vanity unit for small bathrooms. It has a short projection, which means your bathroom will seem more spacious, essential for a compact bathroom. Skilfully built from anthracite with an acrylic front, it has a shiny exterior and minimalistic design that will definitely radiate a “less is more effective”. Acrylic is a very lightweight, water-resistant material, resulting in long-term sustainable usage. It also has soft closed doors. You can currently purchase this small vanity unit for £153. Click to see the Patello Small Vanity Unit here.


small dark grey cloakroom sink and basin

Spark Small Vanity Unit

Spark up the personality of your little bathroom with this streamlined, slim vanity unit. Being an ultimate space saver, you can also be sure of longevity with this one. The sink is made from ceramic which is beneficial as it is hard, water-resistant, and heat-resistant. The cupboard has an internal shelf to fit all your storage needs. Currently, this is available from £75, so if you are looking for something on a budget, this would be a great option to look into. Click here to view the Spark Small Vanity Unit.


small white cloakroom basin and storage cabinet

New Ecco Small Vanity Unit

Although this is of contemporary design, this vanity unit is designed to match a variety of bathrooms, due to its minimalist design. Coming with a spotless white finish with a ceramic sink, you can rest assured that this can endure a lot of wear and tear. Priced at £99 and with a five-year guarantee, it’s a bargain deal with everything included. See the New Ecco Small Vanity Unit here.


budget white sink and stoppage cupboard

Jivana Space Saving Small Vanity Unit

If you really want to take a step into luxurious vanity units for small bathrooms, it is worth taking a look at our compact Jivana 410 mm Vanity Unit. Being Floor-standing, it is easily portable and has a classic elegance with an affordable price tag.  Made from German craftsmanship it comes in both White and Grey colours, and will fit most types of compact bathrooms. You can purchase this from £224.00. Click here to see the Jivana Space Saving Vanity Unit.



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We hope that after reading this you now feel a step closer to creating the bathroom you desire. View our full range of Small Vanity Units here. 

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