What is a Vanity Unit?

Being in the bathroom industry sometimes it’s easy to neglect the use of “normal” vocabulary. A back to the wall to us is simply a toilet to anybody else, as much as a basin to us is widely known as a sink. 

Once you start developing or remodelling your bathroom, the initial use of industry language can leave many people confused, and sometimes bathroom salesmen forget that a mono mixer tap or a wenge vanity unit means nothing to Joe Public. 

Of course, it won’t be long before customers begin using bathroom based jargon, making it even easier to search online or in store for precisely what they want. 

One of the most frequent questions asked in the store is “What is a vanity unit?” and more often than not, the humble vanity unit is a lot less alien to our customers then it seems.

What does a vanity unit look like?




Featured in many bathroom installations, a vanity unit is a home to a basin, a stylish piece of furniture which swaps the traditional basin pedestal for additional storage with a wealth of style and finish options. 

Available in both traditional and contemporary designs, vanity units are coupled with a basin in a range of different ways; recessed into the furniture, semi-recessed, sitting on top of the countertop and encompassing the entire top of the vanity unit. 

With so many ways in which the basin can be positioned, complimenting your suite with a vanity unit is a versatile solution that can fit neatly into a compact space or a sit as a focal point in a large family bathroom suite. 

Stylish Examples

Pelipal bathroom furniture is a perfect example of a vanity unit working well as a stunning focal point in a large bathroom space, with a stunning range of designs that incorporate generous storage cupboards and drawers with a choice of finishes on the fronts and body of each unit.

The Contea range from Pelipal is vanity unit chic at its finest, delivering curved styling around its glass wash table built in seamlessly to the stunning vanity unit that houses two large drawers and two cupboards for optimum storage potential, perfect for any family suite. 

With plenty of options on offer to chop and change the Contea range and all of the ranges from Pelipal, the luxury brand is bound to have a look for any bathroom setting. 

Smaller spaces also benefit massively from the careful placement of a vanity unit. More compact concepts such as the Mercury Unit from Jax Bathrooms ooze contemporary vogue with its minimalist styling and ultra versatile design.

Ideal for tucking into a corner or an awkward space in a cloakroom or en-suite, the Mercury unit offers a wealth of storage within its compact dimensions.


If you need to add further functionality to your bathroom suite, adding a vanity unit is a great way to complement the storage capabilities and the style of your suite, with a wealth of designs that suit any bathroom environment. 

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