What is a Bath Overflow Filler

A totally unique bath filler solution that steers away from more traditional bath filler solutions is the bath overflow filler

Seldom found in contemporary installations, the bath overflow filler is a minimalist approach that leaves the deck of the bath free for a neat, stylish finish to your installation.

Looking similar to a valve or plate that features where the bath overflow would, a bath overflow filler combines the two functions in one easy to use the feature.

With an integral control valve, the bath overflow filler combines hot and cold water to gain your optimum water temperature and release premixed water into your bath, making for an easy to use design.

Bath overflow fillers are coupled with a matching click clack or pop up waste, so your entire installation is self-contained in one purchase.

A fantastic example of a stylish bath overflow filler is the bath extra filler kit from Imperial Bathrooms which combines all the quintessential features that define a premium bath filler tap, including sleek curvaceous styling, an easy to use design and a gleaming chrome finish.

With a number of benefits, a bath overflow filler tap is a stylish alternative to a standard mixer installation that is a stunning complement to any modern bath. 

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