3 Important Things to Think About Before Purchasing a Shower Bath

Shower baths are an extremely useful tool in any home, providing the opportunity to shower & bathe simultaneously. Not only does their multi-functionality utilise space, but it also creates a better bathroom experience.

But before you can get the most out of your brand new shower bath, there are certain things to consider. This blog provides you with 3 things to think about before you go ahead and purchase.

Shower Bath - Left Hand or Right Hand?

To begin the process, it’s important to address the most basic & functional issues. The first of which is to decide whether a left handed or right handed bath is required. On nearly every occasion, this decision will boil down to the shape of your bathroom. Common sense should naturally dictate which side bath will be the best for you. And once you’re aware, you can move on to the next stage of your purchase.

Shower Bath Shape & Size

Our range of shower baths varies in both shape & size. From freestanding, right the way through to L Shaped & P Shaped, our collection can cater for everyone. Freestanding Shower Baths will always require more space than a P shaped bath for example, but the key is to choose the right sized bath for your suite. You can usually tell what will work from what won’t work based on personal jurisdiction.

Acrylic or Reinforced Carronite Acrylic

The material is another factor when purchasing. Now, most baths tend to make from standard acrylic, but when it comes to a shower bath, we recommend using a reinforced acrylic. The reason for this is simple, your shower bath will be used more regularly than a normal bath, so naturally, it will need to be stronger.

The Benefits of Reinforced Carronite Acrylic

Enhanced Strength- Carronite Baths are famous for their reinforced strength, and if looked after correctly, can last for a lifetime. Therefore a shower bath, a bath that is used regularly for both bathing & showering, benefits greatly from this highly durable material.

Rich History – Patented by Carron Bathroom 250 years ago, Carronite baths are a symbol of quality craftsmanship that has lasted for centuries. Therefore, purchasing a Carronite shower bath means you’re purchasing the Real McCoy.

Shower Baths are an essential tool in smaller bathrooms, providing a bath and shower in one. Our range of is both wide and diverse and we are able to source our bathrooms from some of the best bathroom brands in the world. For more information on any of our bathroom brands, call us today on 0121 753 0700. Alternatively, you can pop into our showroom, open Monday -Friday 09:00-17:30, Saturday 09:00-17:00, Sunday 10:00-16:00.

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