10 Things To Think About When Renovating Your Bathroom.

Your bathroom should cater to your needs, both practical and spiritual. Here are some important things to consider before you begin renovating your bathroom.

  1. Choose Elegant Fixtures.

The fixtures you choose to install in your bathroom will affect its overall feel. Remember, small margins make a big difference. An elegant sink with a curvaceous shape will exude beauty much more than a bulky vanity unit.

If your bathroom is spacious, the luxurious feet of a freestanding bath can work wonders in creating an aura of elegance. However, you don’t need a huge bathroom in order to make it special.  When accessories like robe hooks and soap dishes sing off the same hymn sheet, your bathroom’s potential will become fulfilled.

2.  Sit In The Bath Before You Buy It.

This is crucial, and bigger isn't always better. A 1500mm accommodates for most people, but assuming its right by sight can be a foolish mistake to make. So sit in it, lie in it, basically pretend you’re bathing in it.

Make sure it provides enough room for you to stretch out and be comfortable, and of course, make sure you’re getting a strong foothold.

If you’ve chosen to purchase a double-ended bath, make sure you can both sit in it comfortably. This may sound obvious, but do it, a large bath is a big purchase and nothing could be annoying than purchasing a ‘bath-for-two’ that’s only fit for one.

3.  Select Durable Flooring. 

Water-resistant and durable flooring is recommended. Materials such as ceramic, marble and stone are common materials because of how hard-wearing they are.

 Your bathroom floor ensures the most strenuous day-to-day treatment out of all the floors in the house, so keep this in mind.  Well-sealed, hardwearing floors are an important facet of your bathroom’s well-being, do the research, get the knowledge, and enjoy your bathroom for the long run.


4.Hang A Stylish Mirror.



Mirrors are a crucial asset to the bathroom for both practicality and beauty. A well-designed mirror can promote itself as a valuable focal piece, and also provide the illusion of space.  Furthermore, mirrors are usually part of a mirror cabinet and provide the perfect mask for a jagged assortment of toiletries.

5. Use Found Space.

Floor space is generally considered to be a good thing.

Taking advantage of wall studs with the help of storage cabinets is the perfect way to save floor space, but it’s important the cabinet has an interior depth of at least three inches and a door flush with the wall.


6. Build A Shower Area. 

A built-in shower area can offer significant value to your bathroom and property. Building an open shower area is a real eye-catcher for strangers and it will set your bathroom apart.  Open shower enclosures exude a feeling of liberation and freedom and steer away from the confinement of a traditional shower area.  


In addition to well-designed drainage, a tasteful showerhead and shower enclosure can make way for a real bathroom focal point.

7.  Share Space For Added Function.

In homes with back-to-back bathrooms, a shared shower with access doors to each of the bathrooms maximizes limited space. Or turn a closet located next to a bathroom into a small en-suite with access to the neighboring bath.


8. Design Lighting That Works. 

Good lighting is imperative. Whether it’s bathroom ceiling lights or showering lights, getting the lighting right can have a real impression on how your bathroom looks.  Lighting that’s been incorrectly put together can really undersell a bathroom, so make sure you get it right.


9. Buy A Quality Toilet.

Everyone knows that the toilet is an important part of the bathroom, which is why it’s so important to get it right. Buying a cheap bathroom out of convenience is not the road to go down. A toilet should be built to last. Precautions like measuring the rough-in and height can be are just as important as how it looks.

10. Incorporate Luxury Into Your Room. 

If you're lucky enough to have lots of space to work with, indulge yourself with the luxury of walk through the wet room. Aside from just having a large shower or walk-in shower. Why not treat yourself with television, fireplace, some exercise equipment or even a large comfortable occasional chair upholstered in thick white terry-cloth.

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