Space Saving Ideas For Small Bathrooms

We’re not all fortunate enough to live in mansions- some of us actually choose to live in smaller lodgings in fact, like barges and caravans. Yet just because our bathrooms might not be the size of an ancient Roman bath, doesn’t mean we can’t successfully utilise the capacity we do have and achieve an aesthetically pleasing space.

small compact combination vanity unit at bathroom city

Wall-mounted Toilets

This European design without the central pedestal and upper-tank is a fantastic space-saver cloakroom bathroom. Although sometimes considered flimsy, if installed properly, the central structure should be as strong and sturdy as average toilets.

Corner Toilets

In small bathrooms, every square inch of floor counts! To save on this precious floor space, installing a corner toilet is both a clever and practical option. The tank on the corner toilet has a unique shape; a triangular prism, which allows it to fit snugly into the wall without leaving any space behind it. It also looks undoubtedly stylish- not many people own them yet!

Space Saving Toilets

Most standard close coupled toilets are usually quite deep around 615mm and over. When your saving space you need a reduced depth toilet such as this 550mm - 600mm reduced depth toilet 

Wet Rooms/Walk-in Showers

Installing a wet room or a walk-in shower really is the best way to save space in a small bathroom. Wet rooms save the need to build in a shower cubicle; instead of allowing the whole of your bathroom to become waterproof. Shower screens can be installed to prevent everything from getting saturated and towel rails or shelving are advised to keep them away from dampness as much as possible.

Curved Sinks-

Sinks that are curved in shape, whether its circular, oval or even teardrop are one of the best ways to save space in your small bathroom. Curved sinks don’t jut out in the way cornered sinks do and often tend to be a lot smaller. Not only that though, but having a curved sink in your bathroom is a more interesting a stylish choice than the regular and more commonplace square or rectangular sink.

Custom-fit Shelves

Custom-fit shelves are a life-saver in small bathroom spaces. Even 6-inch shelves, which are the perfect size for storing toiletries, are ideal when constructed high up so that they take up very little room.

Small Sliding Doors

For extra small bathrooms or to save even more space in this room, a sliding door is one of the best options. In some homes such as caravans, a sliding bathroom door is the only option. The amount of floor space that an open door can take up in a bathroom can be very impractical when space is limited. Another added benefit of a sliding door in a bathroom is the ease at which you can access air-flow. By opening the doors even slightly, the typical steam and condensation of the room can be released without having to sacrifice privacy. The concept of the sliding door is yet another life-saver to the bathroom with limited space.