What are the Different Types of Showers? Choosing the Right One for Your Bathroom

The shower is a vital feature of your bathroom – as essential as bathing is for your personal hygiene. But can you imagine the origin of bathroom showers? Well, natural waterfalls, of course. Now, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? Perhaps, a shower is designed to automatically spray water on you when you’re bathing. And depending on your preference, the water could be slightly hot, a bit cold or even lukewarm. Let’s take a quick look at the different types of showers.


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1. Mixer Showers

A mixer shower is the conventional type of shower you see in the majority of home bathrooms. This whole unit draws in water from both the cold and hot water inlets and mixes this water. The unit then sends out the mixed water via the showerhead at the optimum temperature you have set. An easy to use lever handle or valve facilitates the adjustment of the water temperature you desire. While most mixer showers function with any system, some of them are suitable only for either a high-pressure or low-pressure water system. You also have another option – a bath and shower mixer – where the bath taps control the temperature and flow of water. The major drawback of installing a mixer shower is that the unit is typically connected to pipes which also supply water to other points in your bathroom. This means the water flow rate to the shower is affected if the other points are used at the same time as well. This can result in a sudden drop or rise in the temperature of the water from the shower outlet. If a significant volume of cold water is drawn elsewhere – as when the toilet is flushed – it could lead to scalding due to the sudden increase in the water temperature. You can resolve this issue by making the shower water supply independent.

Mixer Shower

2. Electric Showers

Electric Showers are suitable for any type of home because they have a built-in element that heats the water. This feature enables you to enjoy a hot or lukewarm shower, even with a cold water supply. Another benefit is you can enjoy a shower with the water temperature at your desired level even when your boiler breaks down. Electric showers are more energy efficient as they don’t have to heat an entire tank of water. The water for the shower outlet is heated only when needed. This results in minimal wastage of energy. These showers, however, have a clear disadvantage. The water flow is weaker when compared with the flow rate of power showers. Some models combat this effectively with an in-built pump. Another common problem you need to watch out for in this shower is the build-up of limescale. If your home has a low-pressure water system or hard water issues, then an electric shower is not the best choice.

electric showers bathroom city

3. Power Showers

A Power Shower – also known as a Pumped Shower – is ideal for a low-pressure water system as it’s built with a pump. These showers are the first choice in hotels and spas. But a power shower is a great feature for your home as the built-in pump automatically pumps water at a gusty speed. If you’re keen on enjoying the ultimate in luxurious showering every day, then this shower is the right fit for your bathroom. The key disadvantage of this shower is that its water consumption is high. And it can be quite expensive to install and repair. A power shower is ideal for almost all gravity fed systems where both cold and hot water inlets are available. Water is drawn in from both supplies and a mixer valve blends the water. The result is water at the perfect temperature is sent to the shower outlet.

bathroom city power shower

4. Digital Showers

A digital shower is without question a groundbreaking alternative to mixer, electric and power shower. This shower is an exquisite work of bathing art. Although this bathroom masterpiece is replete with the most recent technology, it’s both user-friendly as well as eco-friendly. You can personalise the settings on the dashboard to suit your desired functionality. For instance, you can choose your preferred shower experience right from water pressure, volume and temperature. Unlike a conventional shower, this shower has a built-in digital thermostat inside the shower unit. You can control the water flow and temperature remotely using a separate control unit. This control unit links to the shower via an electric cable or wireless technology and can be located in your shower or anywhere else in the bathroom. If you want to safeguard your family members – specifically young children – against scalding and thermal shock, then this shower is a perfect choice. The best feature of a digital shower is it presents a minimal design aesthetic. This shower can certainly make a space-saving, stunning addition to your bathroom suite.

bathroom city digital shower

Find Your Perfect Shower Online

Regardless of the type of bathroom shower you opt for, make sure you don’t compromise on the safety aspect. Elderly people and small children are especially vulnerable to scalding and thermal shocks that are real threats in a bathroom. For this reason, you need to opt for a shower unit that minimises the risk of these hazards in your bathroom shower area. At Bathroom City, you’ll find complete shower sets in both traditional and contemporary designs. These accessory pieces compliment any style of bathroom interior.

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