What are Shower Trays? How to Decide the Right One for Your Bathroom?

The shower tray is a critical component of your shower enclosure because it directs the water flow to the drainage point in your bathroom. You need to pick the right one that’s well-built and long-lasting. Installation is important as well. The quality of the shower tray will count for nothing if its installation is amateurish. Since water flows in the direction of least resistance, it’s tough to correct course once water starts flowing along a wrong path that’s far from the drainage point. Hence, fitting a shower tray correctly is vital as it ensures swift drainage of water, prevents expensive leaks, and keeps your bathroom watertight. Let’s take a quick look at some helpful tips on choosing the right shower tray for your bathroom.

1. Size

The size of the shower tray is an important factor you need to consider before getting to the material. If the tray isn’t of the right size, water will spill out as the tray will fail to hold all the water inside. Water will then escape from the shower, resulting in mould growth – a common form of water damage. Eventually, this will lead to expensive repairs, especially if you fail to notice the fault right away. Also, mould growth can cause serious health problems. Therefore, buying the right sized shower tray is of utmost importance.

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2. Shape

Your shower tray needs to be a perfect fit for your shower enclosure so that all the water remains inside. This precise fit depends on the shape of the tray. Different shower tray shapes suit different bathroom sizes. Some of these shapes are:

  1. Square Tray goes well with many different door styles. While the standard size of the square tray is 900mm, it’s usually available in dimensions ranging from 700 to 1000mm.
  2. Rectangle Tray is often bigger and more spacious than a square tray. Most rectangle trays have sliding doors that eliminate opening space. This tray is ideal if you prefer a shower with more space to move around.
  3. Quadrant Tray fits best into corners as it has a curved front. This unique shape creates a luxury shower space. Since both sliding doors and hinged doors go well with the quadrant tray, it saves valuable bathroom space.
  4. Other Tray Shapes: If your bathroom needs an irregularly-shaped shower tray, don’t worry. You can choose from other non-conventional shapes. P- and D-shaped shower trays are the most common shapes you’ll find.

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3. Material

The colour and material of your shower tray play an important role. These two factors can transform a normal bathroom into a stunning bathroom. Every material has its advantages and drawbacks. Some of the popular materials include:

  1. Stone Resin Shower Tray is sturdy and stylish. This tray is built using a mixture of crushed stone and resin. The mixture is poured into a mould and set. The tray is then sprayed with a protective layer of gel. A non-slip design is also included in their construction. Other than some models being heavy, there are no downsides to the stone resin shower tray.
  2. Ceramic Shower Tray is cost-effective and durable. And like a bathroom basin, it’s stain resistant. On the downside, ceramic shower trays are heavy and cold to the touch. Manufacturers prefer stone resin over ceramic because the former presents a faster manufacturing process.
  3. Acrylic Shower Tray (also known as ABS Shower Tray) comes in an assortment of sizes and shapes. They’re cost-effective like ceramic and easy to install too. Many people don’t prefer this material as it’s relatively flimsy.
  4. Acrylic Capped Shower Tray provides the rugged strength of a resin tray with a layer of a stylish acrylic sheet on top for a premium finish.
  5. Marble Shower Tray is hands down the most exclusive shower tray. Classic marble complements any bathroom shower design. However, the twin drawbacks of marble shower trays are they’re heavy and expensive.

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Find Your Shower Tray Online

You can choose from different types of shower trays such as Quad Shower Tray, Slimline 25mm Shower Tray, Rectangle Shower Tray, Square Shower Tray, Offset Quad Shower Tray and Designer Shower Tray. But before you begin shopping for a shower tray, you need to first measure the dimensions of your bathroom. Next, determine the right fit and shape for your shower enclosure. You can then consider the right material to create the bathroom shower design of your dreams. The entire process is time-intensive, but the result is well worth the effort. At Bathroom City, you’ll find a wide range of shower trays in different materials such as stone resin, ceramic, acrylic, marble and many more. Whether you prefer stepping up into the shower or you desire a seamless transition from the bathroom floor to the shower installation, you can depend on Bathroom City's range of shower trays and shower bases to deliver a look and feel for any shower.