• Guide To Showering

    Guide to Showering

    Personalize your Shower Enclosure  What is a Fixed Showerhead? A fixed showerhead is mounted onto the wall or ceiling above head height using a shower arm. Fixed showerheads create a stylish look, but due to the nature of being attached to the wall they cannot be...
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  • Guide To Wall Hung Vanity Units

    Why Wall Hung Vanity Units?

    Certain bathroom suites cry out for specific furniture, especially when space is at a premium. Choosing a vanity unit that suits your planned space is important as it can affect the overall practicality of the bathroom suite. The wall hung vanity unit is precisely the...
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  • A guide to a bathroom wet room

    The Bathroom City Guide to Wet Rooms

    Wet rooms can be a fantastic addition to your bathroom, offering premium functionality and an air of elegance. Whatever your means, a beautiful wet room is possible for your home, but there are certain things to think about before installing one. What is a Wet Room? A...
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  • How to choose the perfect bath tap

    The Perfect Bath Tap

    What Bath Tap Should you choose A beautiful bathing area is desired by most people. A place to relax and unwind in luxury, the bath is a key focal point for many bathrooms installations. But exactly what is it that makes the area luxurious? We believe it’s the attention to detail...
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  • Bathroom trends

    2016 Bathroom Trends

    We’re half-way through 2016 already and hasn’t it gone fast? Just like any other year, 2016 means new trends and styles. Six months in, we’ve been able to really get a flavour of what’s hot and what’s not.  Here are 5 examples of what styles we believe are on-trend for...
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  • A Guide to kitchen city in birmingham

    A New Era

    Kitchens At Bathroom City As times go by, things change. As we all get older, life is continually evolving and changing. But it’s only when we look back at photographs or old footage that we realise this. We’re perhaps all guilty of looking at an old photograph and embarrassing...
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  • Summer time spring clean in your bathroom

    Summer Months

    We all love summer. Whether it’s the brighter nights, the smell of freshly cut grass or the prospect of going on holiday, it’s a season we all look forward to. In comparison to winter months, the summer offers us the opportunity to give our home a deep and thorough clean. During peak...
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  • Choosing the Right Shower Head

    How to Clean a Shower Head

    Compared to the other components of your shower area, your shower head is perhaps the most susceptible to collecting dirt, mould and limescale. When cleaning your shower area, always make sure your shower head isn’t neglected. Here is a step-by-step plan of how to clean it...
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  • 10mm shower enclosure wet room with shower tray

    How to Clean and Maintain your Shower Enclosure

    Cleaning a shower enclosure isn’t the best of jobs. Even at Bathroom City, we are yet to meet a customer or even a member of staff who can honestly say they enjoy it.  But unfortunately, the truth is that it’s a job that has to be done because leaving it can...
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  • freestanding Towel rack with a close coupled toilet and a towel bar and toilet roll holder, for a small bathroom

    5 Tips to Maximise Smaller Bathroom Potential

      Designing a bathroom is an art. Whether it’s a small or large room, the use of colour, design and positioning are crucial in helping it reach its full potential.  Small bathrooms, unlike bigger ones, are more reliant on intelligent design, calculated colour tones and...
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  • A guide of how to clean your bathroom

    How to Clean Your Toilet Properly

    Did you know that a clean toilet reduces the number of health risks? Poorly cleaned toilets do the opposite, contaminating the rest of your bathroom with invisible germs and bacteria.  Following are the direct instructions on how to give your toilet a proper clean.  Pay...
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  • close coupled toilet with soft close seat

    How to Install a New Toilet

    Installing a new toilet isn’t as complicated as you might think, but there are things to consider before getting started.  It’s important to make sure you can isolate the water supply and ensure the soil pipe doesn’t need adjusting. If either of these things does require...
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  • Setting Up or remodelling a Bathroom

    Setting Up or Remodelling a Bathroom? Top 10 Mistakes to Avoid

    Renovating your bathroom is a big job. And you need to make sure you avoid making any big-regret bathroom design mistakes because a utilitarian bathroom is essential for maintaining a happy and functional household. The idea of a brand new bathroom can be both appealing and exciting....
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  • Good Bathroom advise

    Advice From Us

      1. Check Before You Sign. So often we come across customers complaining about our products after they have signed for them. Our advice is to check the items before signing. Our delivery team will happily wait a few minutes for you to ensure the products delivered are first...
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  • 10 Things To Think About When Renovating Your Bathroom.

    Your bathroom should cater to your needs, both practical and spiritual. Here are some important things to consider before you begin renovating your bathroom. Choose Elegant Fixtures. The fixtures you choose to install in your bathroom will affect its overall feel....
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  • Freshen up your bathroom with a spring clean

    Spring Clean

    Freshen Up Your Bathroom March is the beginning of the spring equinox. It’s a time where we can finally forget the dark nights, the cold weather and the financial burden of Christmas, and move on to a new chapter. It’s the beginning of something new, a fresh start where we all have...
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  • gauge how hot your bathroom is, what size bathroom radiator do you need

    Not Too Hot, Not Too Cold

    Radiators In The Bathroom We’ve all been there. We’re too cold when the heating is off, and too warm when it’s on. This heating problem seems to be amplified in the bathroom, the room where we wash and clean ourselves on a daily basis. If we’re looking to take a shower but our...
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  • 2 bathroom shelves of bathroom products and 2 mirrors

    Small Margins

    Bathroom Accessories Special achievements are acquired through the accumulative completion of small tasks. Whether it’s constructing a skyscraper, completing a master’s degree or building muscle, any substantial achievement is obtained through a step by step, piece by piece process....
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  • The Genuine Article of Bathrooms Brands

    The Genuine Article

    Bathroom City Brands Throughout history, there have been a number of interpretations of what ‘The Genuine Article’ means, but these days, it’s a term universally known to describe the authentic and real. We know what your thinking, how is this relevant to Bathroom City?...
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  • Mini Basin Mono Mixer

    Quality on Tap

    Taps Galore If someone asked you to think of a tap, which we know rarely happens, it’s very difficult to not envisage anything apart from the blue-for-cold and red-for-hot silver taps that pair up over a traditional bathroom sink. But at Bathroom City, our taps mean a lot more to...
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  • chrome quality towel rail

    Two Birds, One Stone

    The term ‘kill two birds with one stone’ is a common one. Usually interpreted as something positive, this phrase is universally known for the idea that two problems can be solved by a single solution. At Bathroom City, it’s a turn of phrase we love, because we believe it to be...
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  • Two people sitting in a double ended freestanding bath sipping campaign

    Double Bubble

    Relaxing In The bathtub A long week at work can test the patience of the most forbearing person, but when you’re a couple with children, the common stresses of life can be even more laborious. Working 40 hours a week means that 70% of your time is spent at work, whilst another 20% is...
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  • rubber duck on a bath and why you should love your bathroom

    10 Reasons Why You Should Love Your Bathroom

    A bathroom is a place we all have in common. No matter who we are, we all need a bathroom to maintain a clean and healthy lifestyle. Whether we’re answering nature’s call, or simply taking a shower, the bathroom is a place we all visit regularly. It’s a room that never judges us and it’...
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  • Exquisite luxury Bathroom suite

    A Bathroom to Remember

    At Bathroom City, we’re obsessed with bathrooms because, quite simply, it’s what we do. This blog article has been written with the intention of offering advice on creating a bathroom that people with a visit, enjoy and remember. Be Different Imagine you are walking into the home...
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  • There is No Business Like Show Business

    Bathroomcity Showroom Since the dawn of internet shopping, the whole landscape of business has changed. At the click of a button, we can buy something on the other side of the world, and it can be in our hands within a matter of days. With the majority of people owning smartphones...
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  • Birmingham- The Bathroom City

    Birmingham Bathrooms Birmingham is a city that has always been famous for its industrial heritage. In the 19th Century, especially at the peak of the Industrial Revolution, Birmingham was a bustling beehive of prosperity, a place that offered people the chance of a better life....
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  • The Big Three Zero

    Bathroom City's - Birmingham, Westmidlands Birthday   30th Birthdays scare most people. The reason why is simple; most people consider hitting the big ‘Three Oh’ as the daunting end of their youthful days. However, at Bathroom City, we believe that our 30th birthday...
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  • bathroom city showroom

    The Latest Bathroom Trends

      Recent Trends in Bathrooms  Heated Floors  Heated floors add a touch of luxury to the home, they can stop the Monday morning horror of getting out of the electrically heated shower and being in a cold bathroom. The underfloor heating keeps toes warm, this is...
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  • bathroom ceiling spot lights

    A Guide to Bathroom Lighting

      BATHROOM LIGHTING Always    Always provide adequate lighting around the vanity mirror, it is important you have enough light to do all the different tasks you may do in front of the mirror. Task lighting is essential. Always use a ceiling fixture for...
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  • bathroom city Christmas opening times

    Christmas Opening Times

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